Empowering the Remote Workforce Through the Power of Cloud

Give employees more freedom and choice to grow your business

Modern IT has seen more employees work from home, on customer sites and while travelling. When the 2020 pandemic hit, this transformation accelerated and businesses who were not prepared felt the strain in resources.

Now that your business has prepared and is potentially operating in this remote/hybrid delivery model – you need to be sure that workforce productivity doesn’t drop. Employees expect user experience to be as good as onsite and corporate culture needs to be strong enough to exist remotely.

HostedBizz offers a wide range of technologies that provide remote workforces with the infrastructure, connectivity and support they need to get their job done – across any device. We can help you choose a remote workforce solution that truly fits the needs of your business.

HostedBizz Remote Desktop

By accessing data through the HostedBizz remote desktop solution, organizations reduce the risk of data loss or disaster. With files stored in secure data centers and encrypted connections to the remote desktop, remote file access is safe from security breaches. Issues with the network can immediately be address by the network administrator, regardless of user location. Enable employees to access files, applications and network resources remotely.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

HostedBizz VDI and VGPU enabled VDI solutions leverage world-class VMware technology and its effortlessly-scalable cloud to deliver comprehensive, yet simple management of VDI experiences to remote workers in any organization, in any industry.

Whether remote workers are using company or personal laptops, thin client devices, or mobile devices, they enjoy an optimized user experience, while corporate data stays compliant and securely stored in a HostedBizz Tier III data center.

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