Secure, Managed IT services for Financial Institutions

End-to-End technology solutions that provide the highest level of service and availability

It’s no secret that Financial firms require strong, reliable technology across all aspects of their business. Whether it is a customer facing application or allowing employees access to sensitive data; security, availability and agility is key.

The emergence of young fintech startups has certainly kept traditional retail banks on their toes. This has also provided an exciting growth opportunity for Private Equity and Alternative Investment firms.

Managed IT Services Providers for Financial institutions need to be agile in serving their customers. This requires technology that is easy to allocate and deploy whilst keeping all data secure. When considering Managed IT Services for financial institutions, HostedBizz provides a premium and flexible offering.


Ensure 24/7 business continuity and customer satisfaction

As digital banking adjusted to the realities of COVID-19, traditional banks had to put the accelerator on their digital offering. To allow this level of service, network uptime is more critical than ever before. Your customers demand 24/7 access to Chatbots, live chat and search tools across different channels.

Highly available and resilient cloud hosting: across multiple sites with best of breed technology, RTO/RPO guarantees and industry leading SLAs

Cloud and IT infrastructure assessments: Understand and optimize your IT Infrastructure. Enjoy enhanced performance of both back office and customer-facing systems.

Robust SD-Networks: ensure optimal use of your network connectivity whilst traffic across your branch and head office networks.

Keep it Secure: Security best practices builtin at every level, mitigating the risk of attacks that lead to damaging downtime.

Improve Employee Productivity

The financial services sector is well connected and recruitment opportunities come thick and fast for desirable candidates. Competitors will lure staff with modern technologies and efficient tools to help them complete their tasks more effectively. Let’s beat them to the punch.

Market leading applications and devices that support employees in their day-to-day roles. All apps are consistently monitored by a cyber security team to ensure tools are delivered and used safely.

Unified communication and collaboration tools, productivity and enabling seamless agile working across multiple locations

Guidance from security professionals Guidance from security professionals on tools and best practices to ensure your organization is not open to vulnerabilities.

Keeping Compliance at the Forefront

Improve compliance and regulatory reporting communication lines by using a cloud hosting provider who have ticked all the boxes already. Outsource these tasks to improve communication, and stakeholder confidence.

Sovereign Data Storage: Data is managed and stored in Canada

Experienced Cyber Security Professionals: Repeat reporting templates that enable your firm to meet regulatory reporting requirements (SOX, PCI, GLBA, FFIEC etc)

Cyber security assessments: Understand your organization’s current security landscape and a structured plan to improve it.

Collaborative Tools & Solutions: Fast, modern solutions to improve communication with stakeholders and regulatory agencies.

Premium Security for Transactional and Personal Data

Protection of customer data is imperative when strategizing IT infrastructure for financial services providers. HostedBizz provides ultra-secure storage so your tech team can concentrate on enhancing your digital offering.

Ultra-secure storage in managed cloud and Tier III+ data facilities: Ensuring your customers’ personal and financial data is safe.

Data encryption capabilities through cloud and SDWAN: Mitigating the risk of data breach and resultant fines and reputational damage.

Benefit from decades of experience in cloud security and tools, protecting you and your customers from evolving cyber security threats.

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