Managed IT Services for Law Firms

Evolve value proposition, engagement models and fee structures to gain competitive advantage

Within the legal sector, it’s a race to improve efficiencies so cost savings and innovative engagement models  can be passed onto the client. This comes as no easy feat as the digital world we live in necessitates a robust cybersecurity posture to tackle cyber threats head-on?

How can you ensure customer data is secure while freeing valuable resource to deliver innovative technology solutions? Use an experienced supplier who can provide managed cloud services for law firms. 

A recent report found that Legal Departments are continuing to struggle with driving the adoption of new technologies among employees. Choosing a partner who can deliver law firm IT services enables tech teams to focus on digital transformation and adoption rather than “keeping the lights on” throughout the infrastructure. 

HostedBizz’s consistent and reliable performance gives you time to focus on providing services for your clients.


Maintain Reputation & Trust

Widen your work beyond the office to become more agile and innovative but proactively protect your customers against legal cyber threats. 

Ultra-secure storage in Tier III+ data centre facilities:  Keeping your clients’ data safe from breach

Fully encrypted agile working: Options for multi-factor authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to data and applications

Compliant ready services from an ISO 27001 accredited managed IT Services provider, deployed in alignment with CBA guidelines to give your clients confidence that their data is secure to the highest standards

Maximize Billable Hours

It’s more important than ever to streamline back office operations and maximize billable hours within law firms. Technology offers a suite of tools to help lawyers better manage their time allowing them to be more agile in reducing non-billable work. Law firms need a flexible IT strategy to support this work. 

Access to the right tools at the right time via any device enabling your people to maximize productivity.

Secure file sharing that promotes positive collaboration practices whilst mitigating risk of data breach. Thus improving client confidence in your law firm. 

Secure collaboration tools that enable teams to work together seamlessly, enabling your law firm to realise efficiencies in your practice.

Highly available IT architecture that provides market-leading SLAs to maximise billable hours and minimise downtime. 

Keeping Compliance at the forefront

Improve compliance and regulatory reporting communication lines by using a cloud hosting provider who have ticked all the boxes already. Outsource these tasks to improve communication, credibility and stakeholder confidence. 

Experienced Cyber Security Professionals: Repeat reporting templates that enable your firm to meet regulatory reporting requirements (SOX, PCI, GLBA, FFIEC etc) 

Cyber Security Assessments: Understand your organization’s current Security landscape and a structured plan to improve it. 

Collaborative Solutions and Solutions: Collaborative Solutions and Solutions: Fast, modern solutions to improve communication with stakeholders and regulatory agencies.