Managed IT Services for Education

Implementing a secure, accessible and consistent experience whether on-site or distance learning. 

2020 and beyond saw a huge shift in the way that students access learning materials, lessons and communicate with educational institutions. Almost immediately, institutions were expected to teach and inspire students online after centuries of in class learning methods. With these expectations, IT leaders were expected to deliver collaborative and reliable services with tight budgets in place. 

Whether you’re a school, college or university that outsources your IT services or has an internal IT team, we can develop an IT for education strategy that is cost effective and focuses on enhancing student success. Our range of solutions creates operational efficiencies on any budget and allows increased output for students and educators.

building a disaster recovery plan


Safe & Secure

Schools have seen a unprecedented increase in ransomware attacks during the past couple of years. These result in devastating outcomes such as coursework being destroyed or several days of downtime meaning that students and staff cannot access their documents. At HostedBizz, we take disaster recovery and cybersecurity extremely seriously with 15 years of expertise. 

Ultra Secure Storage in Tier III+ data centre facilities.  Keeping your student and staff data safe from breach.

Fully encrypted agile working: Options for multi-factor authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to data and applications.

Compliant ready services from an ISO 27001 accredited managed IT Services provider.

Fast Access to Files & Data

It’s very common for teachers and lecturers to have to login to multiple systems in order to access all data and applications. Microsoft 365 is accessed locally on their mobile device and they have to access national or regional applications via a remote connection. This means a challenge of multiple passwords and lost time spent logging into different platform. Our hosted desktops allow users to access everything they need in one  cloud based environment with only one login. 

Access to the right tools at the right time via any device enabling staff to maximize productivity.

Secure file sharing that promotes positive collaboration practices whilst mitigating risk of data breach.

Secure collaboration tools that enable students and teachers to work together seamlessly.

Hosted Applications

Do you have legacy applications that are hosted onsite? HostedBizz can take legacy applications and host them in our secure cloud so they become available everywhere from any device. Whether it’s Blackboard, Sharepoint, Evolve, SISRA, Testbase, Show My Homework, Exam Wizard, CIVICA, CLEAPPS, Frog, Brightspace or Adobe Creative Cloud we’ll host them for you.