Accessing Desktops and Apps – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

As the mobile cloud era continues to evolve, users are demanding faster access to their applications and critical data so they can work remotely from any location. They expect access to what they need with a simple click of a button but want to be assured that their work is safe and secure in a resilient cloud based infrastructure.

HostedBizz and VMware Horizon 7 work together to enable users to control and access a highly automated, consolidated platform which provides a number of benefits including:

Delivering Desktops and Applications through a Single Platform

Transform static desktops into highly secure, digital workspaces that can be delivered on demand. Provision virtual or remote desktops and applications through the HostedBizz VDI and app virtualization platform to streamline management and easily entitle end users.

Dramatically Improved ROI

Automatically allocate resources with virtual storage, virtual compute and virtual networking to simplify management and drive down running costs. Reduce day-to-day operational costs with a single platform that allows you to extend virtualization from the HostedBizz datacenter to your devices.

Secure Data and Simplified Compliance

Consolidate delivery and protection of end user compute resources with policies that adapt to the end user’s computing environment. Leverage virtual networking to protect critical data and workloads.

Simplified Management across On-premise and Cloud

Take advantage of a modern delivery architecture that delivers desktops in seconds, reduces storage and operational costs and ensures painless application packaging and installation.

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