VDI Solutions for Modern Workforces

VDI for Enhanced Agility, Control and Security

HostedBizz Managed VDI solutions leverage world-class VMware technology and its effortlessly-scalable cloud to deliver comprehensive, yet simple management of VDI experiences to remote workers in any organization, in any industry.

Whether remote workers are using company or personal laptops, thin client devices, or mobile devices, they enjoy an optimized user experience, while corporate data stays compliant and securely stored in a HostedBizz Tier III data center.

Put the ‘Power’ in Power User with GPU Accelerated VDI

HostedBizz GPU-accelerated VDI enables organizations to realize the power of a fully virtualized computing environment, where GPU technology powers every desktop, workstation, and application with accelerated graphics and compute, making remote, virtualized workspaces accessible to the entire workforce – capable of running any workload.

HostedBizz Managed VDI

HostedBizz Managed VDI solutions lessen the burden of IT for teams who struggle to keep up with ever-changing user administration, security, and end user device management.

  • Substantially reduced infrastructure costs
  •  Accelerated data analytics
  •  Streamlined VDI adoption
  •  Increased productivity for all user types
  • Optimized application performance

GPU Accelerated VDI

Optimize productivity and user experience for remote and mobile workers who require the use of graphics intensive applications.

  • Cost-effective performance with enterprise-grade GPU
  • Accelerate productivity for any workload
  • Optimized application performance
  • Meet the increasing graphics demands of the modern digital workplace and Windows 10

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