Scalable Solutions for the Utilities Sector

Scalable Solutions for Utilities in the Age of Transformation

Leaders in the utilities sector are using digital transformation to bolster service capabilities and streamline operations. This enables them to collect and analyze more data than ever before. This, however, leaves utilities vulnerable to hackers who profit by stealing sensitive business and operations data


Robust Security

Cyber Security threats in the energy sector are on the rise. Hackers have tampered with utility operations such as power grids and water treatment plants, resulting in chaos and fear for millions of citizens.

Because hackers can gain remote access and control of a networks from any distance, they have the ability to access nuclear facilities and power grids around the world.

Researchers in Oklahoma discovered that their wind-turbine facility could be hacked in less than one minute. This presents an alarming insight into energy grid security where your stakeholders and customers need reassurance that their data/energy is safe.Utilities & Energy Providers need to consider an IT partner who can help with the below to prevent any sophisticated attack:

Ultra-secure cloud storage in Tier III+ data centre facilities.  Keeping customer and company data safe.

Secure Connectivity: Fully encrypted SD-WAN and robust perimeter protection by high grade firewalls.

Sophisticated CSOC and SIEM Management: Sophisticated CSOC and SIEM Management: Monitoring and evaluation of your networks to ensure there are no weaknesses that can be exploited by cyber criminals. Our software is backed by humans for additional threat monitoring.

Immediate Disaster Recovery

Immediate Disaster Recovery In addition to the measurable costs of an outage or a breach, utility firms must calculate another cost: the importance of the power grid. For a utility, an outage isn’t a mere inconvenience for their customers -our modern lives depend on electricity. Power is essential for the delivery of life’s most fundamental needs: food, shelter, and water. Without the electrical grid, life as we know it comes to a grinding halt. Therefore it is paramount that utilities have a solid Disaster Recovery strategy in place

Highly available and resilient cloud hosting: across multiple sites with best of breed technology, RTO/RPO guarantees and industry leading SLAs

Cloud and IT infrastructure assessments: Understand and optimize your IT Infrastructure

Robust SD-Networks: Robust SD-Networks: ensure optimal use of your network connectivity whilst prioritizing traffic across sites

Keep it Secure: Security best practices built-in at every level, mitigating the risk of attacks that lead to damaging downtime

Room to Innovate

37% of Canadian businesses have been the victims of cybercrime. It is now more important than ever to protect increasingly connected applications and systems. HostedBizz has decades of experience to protect you and your stakeholders from evolving threats and prevent financial loss and damage to brand reputation

Cloud Strategy Assessments: Our cloud experts can work with you to identify inefficient workloads that can be migrated to the cloud. This in turn, frees up resources and delivers cost efficiencies that can be better invested in innovation.

Cloud and SD-Networking: Our suite of solutions enable your utility business organization to become more agile and integrate seamlessly to drive automation, IoT, machine learning and other process enhancements

Fully managed End to End IT: Removing your day-to-day IT challenges frees up more time and investment for new efficiencies and revenue models. This enables you to sharpen your competitive edge in a competitive marketplace