Managed IT Services for Municipalities

Connected Citizens and Improved Infrastructure

Today’s cities depend on cloud technology for efficiency, cost savings and most importantly, data security. Enable your organization to service citizens regardless of location, or device. Ensure availability of critical services by choosing a Managed Services Provider (MSP) who will empower your internal IT teams to do more, at less cost.

Fact – while your municipality continues to become more efficient, connected, and convenient, it also becomes more vulnerable to cyber threats.

HostedBizz enables your organization to digitally transform your infrastructure, becoming more efficient and compliant, while keeping citizen data safe in the wake of ever-advancing technology and outside cyber threats.


Keep Data Security and Compliance in Check

HostedBizz offers an integrated suite of cloud-based data protection solutions that work seamlessly to ensure high availability of your data. It is always stored in secure, Tier III Data Centers that are completely PIPEDA compliant. Rest assured that your data never leaves Canada.

Backup and Disaster Recovery that meets your specific RTO/RPO targets, enabling the quick recovery of data in the event of a disaster or cyber threat.

Managed Cyber Security takes the strain off IT teams who don’t have time to deal with incoming threats, and ever-evolving endpoints

100% Compliant Tier III Data Centers that meet stringent compliance and cyber insurance requirements

Employee file protection that backs up Microsoft 365 data to provide citizens with an added layer of assurance that their data is protected.

Hacker-proof your Municipality

For hackers, municipalities are a gateway to its citizens’ most private data. The average ransom demand increased over 33% from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020 . HostedBizz offers managed IT services that enable organizations to keep costs down while being ready for the latest in sophisticated cyber threats. 

Managed Cyber Security takes the strain off IT teams who don’t have time to deal with incoming threats, and ever-evolving endpoints.

Ultra Secure Storage in Tier III datacenters: Keeping customer and company data safe. 

Secure Connectivity: Fully encrypted SD-WAN and robust perimeter protection by high grade firewalls. 

Experienced Cyber Security Professionals: Repeat reporting templates that enable your firm to meet regulatory reporting requirements (SOX, PCI, GLBA, FFIEC etc).

Cyber security assessments: Understand your organization’s current security landscape and a structured plan to improve it.

FREE WEBINAR: Cyber Security for Municipalities: Reduce Risk, Increase Data Protection

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and municipalities are an especially lucrative target for hackers. Is your IT team properly equipped to guard against today’s most sophisticated threats?

This webinar explores:

  • Why ransomware targeted at municipalities is on the rise.
  • Why antivirus and firewall alone can’t protect your organization.
  • How Field Effect provides intelligence-grade protection without complexity
  • How cost-effective holistic data protection can really be.
  • What a proactive cyber security plan should include.

Managed IT for Municipalities