Increase the performance of your business and team

Using our single, centralized repository regardless of location, you can securely share links and enforce credentials for secure, external collaboration. Access files from anywhere, across computers and mobile devices and enable folder-level permissions for maximum privacy and document-level control.

Collaborate seamlessly and securely

HostedBizz’s hybrid file hosting service offers cloud storage, file synchronization and client software integration to make collaboration easy. Files and folders automatically sync to the cloud and are accessible through a web portal from any device.
Free yourself of technology’s limitations and collaborate.

Guaranteed data security and safety

Our secure storage facilities allow remote device wiping to guarantee data security and safety. HostedBizz cloud infrastructure is based in tier 3 data centres in Canada and offer physical and IT security, redundant power grids, multiple internet providers and backup power.

Why HostedBizz File Sync and Sharing?

Secure file access from anywhere, across multiple devices

Secure share links and enforced credentials for secure, external collaboration

Lock files from editing

Password enforcement on shares

Expiration date policies


HostedBizz File Sync and Sharing

A hybrid file hosting service offering cloud storage, file synchronization and client software integration. Files stored on the Sync product are also accessible through a web portal.


  • Increase storage speed and performance by using this single, centralized repository
  • Access files and folders from the same view, regardless of user location
  • Files and folders automatically backup to the cloud
  • Enable folder level permissions for maximum privacy and document-level control

Start collaborating by using the HostedBizz File Sync and Sharing Service