Grapevine is a leading provider of online survey software specializing in employee evaluations and surveys. Originally developed in 1999, Grapevine’s core engines were later deployed in 2003 on a SaaS model, empowering our customers to create and distribute on-demand surveys and evaluations that produce real-time feedback to drive better, more informed business decisions.

Grapevine delivers many specialized cloud-based survey solutions including: Employee Evaluations, 360-degree Feedback, Team Assessments, Performance Reviews, Employee Engagement, Exit Surveys, Board Evaluations and much more.

Before moving to hosted cloud solutions, Grapevine owned, hosted and managed an on-premises server environment for software development and engineering. A combination of Dell ESXi and Microsoft SQL servers resided in an on-site IT room alongside routing and switching equipment, NAS storage and a UPS system. Management and maintenance were also an on-site, full time function.

The server hardware was nearing end of life (EOL) and needed replacing. Grapevine also managed their own Veeam backups, adding to their tech team’s growing responsibilities. Already planning business IT improvements, the impending capital expenditures caused Grapevine to quicken the pace on their move to the cloud. This prompted them to engage with HostedBizz and trusted partner Dynamix, a Managed Service Provider (MSP), specializing in cloud-based data management solutions.

To understand the needs of the organization, the executive management team at Grapevine worked with Dynamix and HostedBizz to conduct a full assessment of their IT systems, including hardware, software and data stores. Once the assessment was complete, Dynamix then presented a fully detailed report to Grapevine that provided them with an insightful look at their current IT setup, and what challenges lay ahead. They also presented them with recommendations that ensured Grapevine could easily scale, while keeping their data backed up and ready for recovery, in the event of a data disruption or unforeseen disaster.

Today, Grapevine operates three hosted Microsoft Windows Servers, one of them a Microsoft SQL server, and a Sophos firewall in the cloud, supported by HostedBizz Tier 3 Canadian Data Centers. Cloud extends them the added benefits of redundancy, failover and business continuity. Dynamix and HostedBizz also deployed a managed Veeam Backup solution in order to ensure that their data remained secure in the event of a data disruption. The data is readily available for recovery as required. The move to hosted cloud-based services allowed Grapevine to avoid excessive capital expenditures, allowing them to reinvest in the growth of their organization.

The service we deliver to our clients is very important to us. Our experience in moving to hosted servers and managed backups has been seamless. HostedBizz and Dynamix partnered to put the new infrastructure in place, saving us time and money, allowing us to focus on our business growth instead our of aging infrastructure.
Wesley Houston, Managing Director,,

Key Benefits and Outcomes

  • Fully Managed and Monitored Disaster Recovery as a Service solution using best in class backup solutions including Veeam Technology
  • Recovery capabilities to a 100% Canadian owned and managed enterprise cloud infrastructure to support production IT systems.
  • Data centers located in Canada to simplify Controlled Goods Compliance
  • Best practice backup observing 3-2-1 policies
  • Full DR capabilities now exist using the HostedBizz cloud in the event of cyber-attack or other disaster
  • Optimized data security via continuous backups

Canadian Data Sovereignity

With the data residing in a 100% Canadian owned cloud located in a highly secure and redundant Tier III Canadian owned data center provides Grapevine with the assurance that their critical data adheres to industry compliance requirements.

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