Nine Business Benefits of Using IaaS

When you decide to bring a new technology into your business, you’d like to shorten the time it takes between decision and usage of said technology. Here’s a great way to shorten that road: use hardware and other systems that are already set up and fully managed instead of buying and configuring your own. Cloud infrastructure is already here: 95% of businesses are embracing the technology.

Benefit 1: Faster implementation may be one of the first benefits you notice when you opt for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), but it won’t be the last. Consider these other advantages of putting your hardware in the cloud instead of your office.

2. Highly specialized server expertise

Cloud service providers (CSPs) employ experts who diligently care for servers – and their customers’ data and applications – full-time. They use their expertise to monitor the infrastructure to ensure that nothing fails.

3. Enterprise-grade security

Few companies outside the field specialize in data security the way CSPs must. They apply best practices to every facet of security, from multiple physical access controls to sophisticated malware defenses. As a result, client applications and data enjoy better protection than they would if they resided in client offices.

4. Enterprise-grade redundancy

CSPs design their infrastructure to ensure redundancy at every level. Redundancy means that, even if a component (a router, a server blade, an Internet connection) in the CSP’s infrastructure fails, customers never lose the services they pay for.

5. Effective backups

Access to business applications and data isn’t lost if a server hiccups. CSPs keep multiple copies of your data, often in different locations, Beyond providing redundancy, these multiple copies help customers restore accidentally deleted data and deal with other data integrity issues.

6. Disaster recovery

Rather than work from data based in the cloud, certain customers choose to house their disaster recovery solution in the cloud for premise-based servers. Should regular service be lost, the customers can quickly restore infrastructure in the cloud, keep access to critical data and services, and keep their businesses in operation.

7. Reduced IT expenses

Consider all the up-front and ongoing costs of new systems: servers, software, operating systems, electricity and cooling, staff to manage these assets, and so on. CSPs enable you to share many of these assets and related costs with their other clients, subject to your requirements. You pay an amount that more closely matches the computing capacity, storage and expertise you need.

To stay competitive, CSPs continually upgrade their infrastructure to keep their technology current. Their customers benefit from the latest technology with none of the attendant additional capital costs.

8. Flexible capacity

You can quickly add or subtract computing capacity as your needs expand or contract. This technical flexibility means your computing dollars pay only for the cycles you use. This elasticity also allows you to set up trials or demos in the cloud, then tear them down when you no longer need them.

9. Easier budgeting

Fitting recurring fees for cloud services into an operating budget is easier than squeezing a project cost into a capital budget. And unlike project costs that can spiral out of control, monthly fees remain stable and predictable.

Interested in the business benefits of choosing IaaS over premises-based computing projects? Call us. We’ll help you understand how IaaS can help you run your business more smoothly and profitably.


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What Our Customers are Saying

Our server environment changes almost daily as we power down, power up and scale compute resources to meet rigorous release criteria and timelines. Optimizing this aspect of our business operations was part of what drove us to evaluate Cloud. The second part is strategic. Once the business is running on the Cloud, ZIM will leverage Cloud to make software tools available to customers as a PaaS. This is the end game.

— Celso Bressan – Manager of R&D - ZIM

The solution from HostedBizz gives us more control over our server infrastructure than we expected. We can flex our computing resources up and down based on the demand that we see from our customers

— Josh Garellek – CEO Arctic Empire

4Té were using a tape backup which was a very cumbersome methodology for all of our critical data. HostedBizz were able to replace this whole process with an automated worry-free backup process into their secure Canadian cloud infrastructure

— Tammy Green - Systems Manager 4Té Inc

Bold Radius is a custom software development, training and consulting firm. Bold Radius needed bullet proof elastic computing. We needed the ability to spin up and tear down servers and to dynamically change server resources on the fly. Hostedbizz delivers this to us and our clients and we can control all of our services through their simple to use portal.

— Mike Kelland - President & CEO, Bold Radius

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