Applications with the highest standards of safety, reliability & availability demand the most reliable data protection and recovery possible.

Gastops designs, manufactures and supports advanced equipment sensing and analysis products, including on-line oil debris sensors, torque measurement sensors, turbine blade health sensors, and at-line oil analysis systems. Additionally they offer a wide range of specialized technical and engineering services to assist in the design, development and in-service support of equipment control, monitoring and maintenance systems.

Gastops services equipment across multiple rigorous use industries including marine, aviation, oil & gas, power generation and military applications. As such, the company must adhere with the demanding regulations observed in these industrial sectors as well as comply with multiple levels of security including The Controlled Goods program in Canada as well as ITAR requirements, a set of USA regulations.

Controlled goods are primarily goods, including components and technical data that have military or national security significance, which are controlled domestically by the Government of Canada. The Defence Production Act governs the procurement of Defence supplies and identifies the controlled goods regulated by the Controlled Goods Program and the Controlled Goods Regulations.

Gastops engaged the services of HostedBizz to assess the company’s IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans. HostedBizz worked closely with senior management to understand the specific requirements related to data loss avoidance, protection and recovery of Gastops’ IT systems in the event of loss due to a data breach or other disaster situations. The solution required assurance of protection against loss of critical customer data as well as full offsite recovery of all IT systems in the event that on premise servers were rendered unusable. With close to 20 physical and virtual servers and several terabytes of data used to operate the business, it was determined that multiple back upservices would be deployed to support Gastops’ data backup and recovery requirements. HostedBizz used a combination of HBizzVault and Veeam backup and replication to protect all of the Gastops infrastructure. Full image based backups were undertaken onsite as well as stored offsite and available online in order to ensure full system recovery to the HostedBizz cloud in the event of a complete server outage.

The backups are supported by a fully documented disaster recovery analysis and plan to ensure that the company has a compliant and best practice program to support its data protection needs.

Once the onsite backup process was set up, an encrypted copy was seeded to one of HostedBizz’s Canadian Data Centers located in Ottawa, Ontario. Backup settings were then implemented in line with the Gastops backup policies for scheduling, reporting, retention, encryption and data compression settings. Once the options were selected backups were set to run automatically. Working with HostedBizz ensured that data was protected by a Controlled Goods Certified vendor Gastops was able to simplify compliance by adhering ensuring that the data is protected using a Canadian Cloud Provider.

HostedBizz monitors the status of each backup. The on-premise backups serve as the primary restoration repository in case of accidental deletion of a file/ folder, corrupted files, or individual server failures. The offsite repository in the HostedBizz Cloud provides Gastops with the ability to completely fail over to a cloud server infrastructure in the event of a disaster, protects them from Ransomware/Crypto-locker attacks as well as providing them with a “Sandbox” where they can restore VMs, complete application updates and test new software in a non-production environment. The resiliency and redundancy of the solution provides Gastops’ management with complete peace of mind that their data is protected and can be restored to a production environment using the cloud in the event of a major disaster or outage.

Our internal data is both mission critical to our business and highly sensitive. HostedBizz was able to engineer a system to provide a full DR solution to us and ensure that our data always remains encrypted.
Grant Blanchard, CFO, Gastops

Key Benefits and Outcomes

  • Fully Managed and Monitored Disaster Recovery as a Service solution using best in class backup solutions including Veeam Backup and replication and Veeam Cloud Connect.
  • Recovery capabilities to a 100% Canadian owned and managed enterprise cloud infrastructure to support production IT systems.
  • Data centers located in Canada to simplify Controlled Goods Compliance
  • Best practice backup observing 3-2-1 policies
  • Full DR capabilities now exist using the HostedBizz cloud in the event of cyber-attack or other disaster

Canadian Data Sovereignity

With the data residing in a 100% Canadian owned cloud located in a highly secure and redundant Tier III Canadian owned data center provides Grapevine with the assurance that their critical data adheres to industry compliance requirements.

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