Extend Data Protection and Archiving to HostedBizz's Object Storage Platform

Support your business’s ever-growing storage needs with our HBS3 Object Storage -as-a-Service (OSaaS) that offers the ability to start small and grow limitlessly.

HBS3 provides organizations with the ability to break through the capacity barrier and extend their data protection and archiving strategies to the HostedBizz All Canadian Cloud.

Reduce data management costs

Leveraging HBS3 Object Storage for your off site backup and archival requirements removes the burden and cost of managing on premise storage infrastructure (disk or tape).

Find security with Canadian data protection

Conforms to our existing compliance programs, such as PCIDSS,
PHIPA, PIPEDA, Controlled Goods, GDPR Compliant and Protected B to
help you meet regulatory requirements.

Why HBS3 Object Storage?

  • Deployment Flexibility
  • S3 Native Compatibility
  • Near limitless Scalability
  • Granular Storage Policies
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Multiple Data Center Support
Remote worker with tablet

HBS3 Object Storage as a Service (OSaaS)

A feature rich and flexible data protection solution that includes:

Features Include

  • Data Access - Instant access to your data and archived data.
  • Scaleability - Dynamically adjust the size of your data repository up and down as IT needs change.
  • Searchability - Embedded metadata can be used to improve data search capabilities.
  • Management Workload - fully managed, so no manual intervention is required once use cases have been set.
  • Equipment / Software Refresh - None required as this is fully managed by HostedBizz.Future Proofing - S3 objects are an industry standard, accessed via standard HTTPS interfaces allow simple migration of data in and out of the HBS3 Object environment.

90% of all data in existence today was created in the past two years.  How will your business manage your data growth in the next twenty four months? Consult with a HostedBizz cloud expert today.

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