Object Storage: A Growing Opportunity for MSPs

The cloud services market continues to be a lucrative opportunity for MSPs to identify partners and white label their solutions.  According to Canalys, spending on cloud infrastructure services increased by 34% in the first quarter of 2020, driven by the sudden move to remote working sparked by Covid-19.

While MSPs continue to flock to IaaS, Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) is another huge segment of the cloud computing market that should not be overlooked.

Storage as a Service

The demand for STaaS is increasing rapidly – significantly driven recently by the heavy use of video conferencing, mobility, big data and file sharing. IT teams had to be quick in designing and deploying storage strategies in order to support these growing needs. They are now adopting a range of short and long term storage options to suit their requirements efficiently and cost effectively.

It’s perhaps an obvious consideration that storage requirements were going to increase during the coronavirus crisis but simply buying more storage devices is not enough to ensure an efficiently run infrastructure.

Traditional storage devices are bulky and expensive and although innovations in IT have enabled us to enjoy the benefits of flash and scalable storage solutions, it becomes quite messy to maintain and license.

This is where Object Storage comes into play

Object Storage allows the user to maintain a database of information about the data itself, making it possible to collect and categorize a limitless amount of data about the stored information that can be used to index and perform extremely flexible data management unlike any other storage platform. For example, the user can set “rules” and automatically offload old backup files automatically to their cloud provider with no worry about rising costs or limited scalability. They no longer have to be concerned about data capacity when planning Disaster Recovery budgeting.

To be concise, Object Storage allows the user to automatically categorize data and applications to the storage option that best supports it.

HostedBizz now offers an S3 Object Storage solution to help your customers with their storage capacity issues. Learn more about the benefits Object Storage can provide, and how it can help businesses in today’s uncertain, IT hungry world.

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