4Té is a professional design and planning firm that has developed a great reputation for delivering exceptional results to an enviable portfolio of clients. Their continued success has brought the requirement to update their IT practices.

Driven by a need to improve operational efficiencies and demand from their customers, 4Té needed to increase their IT redundancy and disaster recovery processes as part of their compliance obligations to their clients.

After consulting with HostedBizz, 4Té introduced the security and reliability of having an off-site cloud disaster recovery plan. HostedBizz proposed the use of a bare-metal backup solution that would create a full replication of their server infrastructure available to them in the cloud. Along with traditional file level recovery capabilities 4Té acquired the ability to restore precise images of their server infrastructure onto a Cloud Server if required. In the event that 4Té were to suffer a disaster or their server hardware was to fail they now have the capability of having their entire IT infrastructure restored and running within a couple of hours. …. in the Canadian Tier 3 cloud.

Recovery time in the event of a disaster has dramatically improved, but equally importantly, the whole process has been automated. The initial set-up of the backup took approximately 2 hours inclusive of the data being seeded, and now the whole process is taken care of and monitored by HostedBizz.

Prior to moving to the cloud, if 4Té had encountered a failure they would have needed to procure new hardware, install the designated operating systems, download and re-install all of the required applications and then restore the files and folders that were stored on their tape backup. Experience shows that this process would have taken at least 36 hours, leaving their business and their clients without critical services.

Now with HostedBizz DRP, IT services can be restored onto a virtual private server within a couple of hours from a snapshot taken just minutes before the failure, providing cost effective and reliable business continuity for critical services.


Recovery Time Reduced

The solution from HostedBizz removed the need to rebuild servers in the event of a failure. The HostedBizz cloud restores all services automatically to ensure your business continues to operate through any failures.


Cloud Backup

The process of moving to being Disaster Ready is quick and efficient. An Initial seeding of the specific data is stored in our secure cloud and then snapshots of the IT environment are taken on a regular basis to ensure that your latest data is always available.

4Té were using a tape backup which was a very cumbersome methodology for all of our critical data. HostedBizz were able to replace this whole process with an automated worry free backup process into their secure Canadian cloud infrastructure
Tammy Green, Systems Manager 4Té inc


  • Fully Managed and Monitored Disaster Recovery as a Service solution using Veeam Backup and Replication and Veeam Cloud Connect.
  • Daily backups in place with offsite backup jobs completing in 4 hours even with their limited bandwidth.
  • Full DR capabilities now exist in the HostedBizz Cloud in the event of a cyber attack or other IT disaster.

100% Canadian

  • All of HostedBizz’s cloud assets are located in Canadian Tier 3 certified data centers.
  • Customer data never leaves Canada providing peace of mind as to where your data or your clients data resides.
  • HostedBizz offer a full suite of cloud services from servers, backup, file sync and archive through to virtual desktops and hosted Microsoft solutions.