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Free your business from IT infrastructure management

Cloud computing offers the agility, speed and scalability required to run a competitive manufacturing business. Respond easily to production requirements, facilities management and market fluctuations. Our cloud solutions promise secure, reliable, always-available and scalable service. Focus on what generates revenue, not the services that run in the background.

Support your business’s ever-changing needs with a HostedBizz cloud server. Our compute resources are fully scalable, both up or down, so you can manage costs as business requirements change.

HostedBizz back-up solutions automatically create a backup - including system state, applications, files and folders - to our cloud and fully restore your server within seconds or minutes. HostedBizz backup solutions are always retrievable via your online portal so you can stop worrying about data loss and start focusing on your business.

You will be worry-free knowing you can protect your server, retrieve and restore files instantly from the cloud in the event of an on-premise physical or virtual machine failure. HostedBizz’s bare metal backup solution supports both Windows and Linux operating systems and ensures little to no downtime.

Experience faster communication and information sharing over a single securely connected network. This solution combines voice, video and data on single intelligent network, connecting all employees, locations and applications. Private network services simplify network deployments by managing, monitoring, and customizing multiple carrier services to suit individual needs.

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HostedBizz Cloud Solutions Features for Manufacturing:

  • Plan, design, deploy and manage a cloud solution with HostedBizz
  • Cloud and on-premise integration
  • Flexible, shared service with pay-as-you-go and monthly plans
  • Scale IT systems up and down in line with your business needs

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