How to use Disaster Recovery as a Service to Strengthen your Data Protection Strategy

How to use Disaster Recovery as a Service to Strengthen your Data Protection Strategy

Having a basic backup solution alone doesn’t guarantee a timely recovery from unexpected data loss. In fact, the latest study by Veeam Software reported that a staggering 93% of cyber attackers were focusing on the backups. The boarder public sector has experienced an increase in damaging cyber attacks that have resulted in lengthy service disruptions, and lost revenue.  Therefore, many organizations have deployed a managed disaster recovery solution as part of their overall data protection strategy.

Partnering with an IT provider like HostedBizz to provide ongoing disaster recovery support will strengthen your resilience to cyber attacks, mitigate downtime, and lighten the workload of your busy IT resources.  Here are six great reasons to choose a managed approach to disaster recovery:

1.  Guaranteed Backups

Stop second guessing whether backups are complete. By working with a DRaaS provider, your team can rest assured that all required virtual machines, servers, applications, and data files have been securely backed up to a 100% Canadian data center, that is certified to host data for a wide range of heavily data-regulated organizations.

2. Cost-Effective

Budget-driven decisions oftentimes result in data protection gaps.  Avoid the large CapEx that is usually required to set up a secondary site with storage, networking, and access. DRaaS is deployed as a monthly or yearly subscription, without any penalty fees associated with scaling up and back as your organization changes throughout the fiscal year.

3. Optimized Disaster Preparedness

DRaaS suppliers have vast knowledge of different recovery scenarios for organizations with a variety of personnel, equipment, facility, and expertise levels.  Leverage the experience of a fully certified Veeam Platinum Cloud and Service Provider (VCSP) who can fully prepare you for any type of data disruption.

4. Custom Disaster Recovery planning

Work with an IT provider that can give your organization the expertise and guidance required to build a disaster recovery plan that will be an exact fit for your organization. Custom plans are especially useful when any changes in IT systems are made, and as the organization grows.

5. Access to Resources

Rest assured that in the event of an outage or disaster, your managed disaster recovery vendor can provide you with resources such as temporary facilities, employees, other services and resources to help your organization to continue to run – no matter what type of situation may arise.

6. Plan Testing Expertise

Scheduled testing of your disaster recovery plan gives you the opportunity to troubleshoot any glitches, and to ensure that recovery time objectives are being met.  Additionally, testing keeps employees engaged and ready to perform their critical set of tasks, when a data disruption does occur.

Working with HostedBizz means that your team can rest assured knowing that your disaster recovery plan is customized to suit your specific requirements.  Additionally, by deploying a managed disaster recovery solution such as DRaaS, you can better control costs. To learn more, book a demo to learn more about our comprehensive data protection offerings.  Ask us about our 30-day free trial offers.  

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