How SMBs can adopt Enterprise-Grade Storage

SMB’s Looking for Cost Effective Cloud Solutions

We asked our MSP partners what common storage struggles their small and medium business (SMB) clients face, and the answer was unanimous.  In this ever-increasing digital marketplace, SMB’s needed enterprise-grade storage solutions at affordable prices.  Thanks to the cloud, that’s now possible.   No matter the size of your client’s organization – secure, cost effective data management is truly important for them to be successful.

There was a time when only large sized businesses could afford enterprise-grade storage infrastructures and in-house experts to manage them.  Having access to this type of storage, as well as a dedicated cloud team would be something that only SMB’s could dream of.  Luckily, that dream is now a reality due to a shift in the market, and the evolution of cloud – specifically hosted cloud solutions.  Your clients can spend more time running their core business, and less time maintaining aging, expensive infrastructures.

Accelerated Access to Securely Stored Data

Cloud enables organizations to access data from anywhere there is an internet connection.  This means that in the event of a disaster, SMB’s can rest assured knowing that their data is safely stored and ready for recovery.  Another added benefit is that remote workforces can securely access their data and work collaboratively from anywhere in the world.  No added hardware. No added infrastructure.  It’s as simple as adding additional user licenses.

Maximize Storage Utilization

Hosted cloud makes it simple to maximize storage utilization.  SMB’s can scale up without the cost of additional physical hardware.  For organizations who experience data influx – this is very cost-effective.  This also makes access to additional tools and applications scalable and affordable. SMB’s can move the funds that would have gone to CAPEX into running a profitable enterprise.

MSP’s Offering Cloud see MRR Increases

Studies show that 60% of workloads will be running on a hosted cloud service in 2019.  The revenue from the global public cloud computing market has risen to $258 billion in 2019, up from $154 billion in 2017.  MSP’s selling HostedBizz cloud solutions are seeing an increase in MRR.

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Why? HostedBizz is a partner focussed cloud service provider (CSP) and we take our MSP relationships seriously.  We offer marketing and sales support to our network partners.  All of HostedBizz cloud assets are located in Canadian, Tier 3 certified data centers – the best in their class.   Customer data never leaves Canada, providing peace of mind as to where your data or your clients data resides.   HostedBizz offers a full suite of cloud services from servers, backup, file sync and archive through to virtual desktops and hosted Microsoft solutions.

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