Why Microsoft Office 365 Backup for Not-for-profits?

Microsoft Office 365 Backup for Secure Not-for-Profit Data Protection

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Not-for-profits depend on cloud-based technology to help them carry out their humanitarian missions.

Over 90% of not-for-profits are leveraging cloud technology to propel their mission to do good.  In fact, there’s been a rise in cloud-based adoption in all industry types across the board.  2020 saw a huge uptick in workers going remote as employees are forced to work from home.

Surprisingly, even though cloud-based solution Microsoft Office 365 now has over 200 million users worldwide, backing up Office 365 data is often overlooked by even the most savvy of IT teams.

Most users assume that Microsoft backs up Office 365 data for them, but the reality is, Microsoft has poor data retention policies that don’t hold up in the event that data suddenly becomes encrypted, or deleted.

This is why HostedBizz offers not-for-profits an affordable Office 365 Backup option, that provides instant data recovery and non-stop business continuity in the case of a cyber incident.  All too often, IT professionals assume that since Microsoft Office 365 already resides in the cloud there is no need to have another copy of the data. The truth is: users need to backup and protect all their cloud data!

Not-for-profits a key target for hackers

Many not-for-profits assume that they can hover under the hacker radar. Why? They rely on the greater good and tend to have a lot more confidence in the human race. This, coupled with the fact that a lot of them aren’t rolling in an excess of money.  What’s more valuable than money, is sensitive donor information, such as credit card details.  Unfortunately, hackers have been increasingly targeting not-for-profits as they tend to have less secure IT environments, and are slower to discover when they’ve been affected by ransomware.  Not-for-profits also depend on remote workforces to help them fulfill their missions.  This also opens the door for hackers to carry out phishing scams via email.  It’s awful, but true.

In 2020,  Blacklaud, one of the biggest providers of online financial transaction software for not-for-profits was hacked.  It took months before they found they were infiltrated by hackers and the full impact to their not-for-profit clients is still unknown.  This is why Office 365 backup is so important.  The value of instantly recovering data, avoiding a hefty ransom payment and not having to halt operations, is priceless.

6 Key Reasons Not-for-Profits need to Back up Office 365 Data

  1. Accidental Deletion
  2. Retention Policy Gaps and Confusion
  3. Internal Security Threats
  4. External Security Threats
  5. Legal and Compliance Requirements
  6. Managing Hybrid Email Deployments and Migration to Office 365

Download the brief for more details  6 Critical Reasons for MS Office 365 Backup (497 downloads )


  • Non-stop availability of Office 365 data
  • Backup copies of electronic data made regularly
  • Full, direct access to copies of mailbox data
  • Reduced mailbox size
  • Archived mailboxes of past employees
  • Restore single items to Office 365 tenants
  • Automatic backup settings
  • Seamlessly protect IaaS workloads
  • Manage O365 backup results
  • Purpose-built backup for Teams



To learn more about HostedBizz Office 365 Backup, or get in touch to speak with one of our experts. We’re here to help you with any questions you may have about how not-for-profit organizations like yours are using cloud-based solutions to protect their critical data.

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