Why managed IT can right your sinking ship

More organisations turning to managed service providers

More organizations depend on a managed IT approach today.  Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer IT infrastructure support to organizations that may not have the capacity or desire to manage their own infrastructure.  For example, HostedBizz MSPs offer clients managed backups, disaster recovery, remote work solutions and cybersecurity services that might otherwise be too much for smaller in-house IT teams to handle on their own.

In a recent Veeam survey, 75% of respondents reported that they can’t currently  meet their established RTO requirement. If they were to somehow lose their data, it would take too long to recover it.  This is just one example of a technical shortfall that can really impact operational efficiency, security and delivery of services to customers.  If your organization in in the same boat, no worries. Help is on the way.

Benefits of using an MSP?

  1. Enable your IT team to focus on what’s important. Instead of babysitting backups, triaging long lists of cybersecurity alerts, or fixing outdated and out of stock hardware.
  2. Get access to the latest technology (without the need to retrain IT staff on how to deploy and maintain it.)  Say goodbye to costly tech updates, as your MSP will ensure you have the latest tech, without the capital expenditure that goes along with it.
  3. Reduce costs.  One simple monthly fee takes care of deployment, support and upgrades. HostedBizz never charges for ingress or egress fees, which is a nice added bonus.
  4. Scale as needed. Whether your business experiences data volume changes at certain times of the year, or you experience a periodic influx of employees,  have your MSP take care of these changes for you.
  5. Avoid downtime.  Disaster Recovery as a Service, proper planning of IT ecosystems, and constant security monitoring are all services that you can expect from your MSP.
  6. Get help when you need it most. MSPs are experts in the services they provide. One simple phone call will provide solutions to technical problems quickly.

MSP Case Study Example: Bridgetech Systems

BridgeTech Systems, an Ottawa-based MSP, has been providing the corporate and government sectors with IT infrastructure services for over 20 years. BridgeTech cemented its lead in the IT market by anticipating customer needs and responding to the growing demand for cloud services.

BridgeTech focuses on providing clients with peace of mind. By focusing on answering client questions about their infrastructure, this MSP ensures each client understand the steps taken to ensure their data is never at risk of loss. Clients also save thousands of dollars in hardware purchases by offsetting IT management to BridgeTech. By shifting large capital expenses from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, businesses incur monthly recurring operational expenditures that don’t compromise their business operations – but ensure data security.

BridgeTech offers a full range of cloud services that answer client needs for critical data support at a cost-effective price.  The cloud solutions are designed and packaged to meet client demand and future data growth.  Clients can focus on the success and growth of their business, without worrying about their IT infrastructure security.

Find your perfect match – partner with a HostedBizz MSP

Managed Service Providers offset the significant burden imposed by growing data demands in modern business. With a proven experience in disaster recovery and business continuity planning, MSPs offer a depth of knowledge on IT infrastructure planning and maintenance that can unburden any business. Leaving those business to focus on their operations.

Are you looking for support in migrating to the cloud? Get in touch! We can help find a local MSP that will support your IT infrastructure needs.

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