Why Hackers Target Microsoft 365 (and How to Protect it)

The Massive Shift to Microsoft 365

The latest monumental shift toward remote workforce models has led to a widespread adoption of Microsoft 365 as a comprehensive productivity and communications tool.  Usage rates continue to soar to over 400 million paid seats, and Microsoft now owns 47.9% of the market. As the capabilities of Microsoft 365 continue to expand, clients are increasingly inclined to rely exclusively on this suite of tools. This massive dependence on Microsoft 365 makes it the perfect target for Hackers.   

Why is Microsoft 365 Such a Popular Target for Hackers?

What makes Microsoft a preferred tool for users is exactly what makes it a prime target for hackers. Here are the top 5 reasons that bad actors use Microsoft 365 as a conduit for ransomware, data breaches and business disruption.

  1. Increased migration of essential data to Microsoft as a way for organizations as streamline communications and operations.
  2. The Microsoft threat surface is a lot larger as hackers can use third-party applications to gain access more readily.
  3. Not all users have multi-factor authentication enabled.
  4. AI and machine learning makes it easier for hackers to sift through vast amounts of data – and there’s no shortage of users and data in this space.
  5. IT admins and users don’t fully understand the Shared Responsibility Model from Microsoft

The Shared Responsibility Model Explained

When it comes to protecting your data within Microsoft 365, it’s essential to understand the Shared Responsibility Model. While Microsoft takes measures to ensure the safety of its infrastructure and cloud services, they don’t back up the data created within their applications. In other words, your data is your responsibility.

Microsoft is responsible for safeguarding their physical data centers, as well as authentication and identification processes within their cloud services. They also secure user and admin controls integrated into the Microsoft 365 user interface. To gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft’s responsibilities, you can refer to the Microsoft 365 Trust Center. The Shared Responsibility Model is designed to clarify the roles of both Microsoft and its customers in preserving user data security.  The key takeaway here is that Microsoft is not responsible for any data that has been lost, deleted or breached at a customer level.

Data Loss Can Be Prevented. How? Back it up.

Ransomware, malware, and human error pose very real threats to your data. Organizations lacking a strategic backup and recovery plan for Teams and other Microsoft 365 applications expose themselves to the risk of permanent data loss.

After an attack, affected organizations experience downtime, revenue losses, increase in IT expenses, damage to their reputation, and potential non-compliance issues due to data loss. However, this unfortunate scenario can be entirely preventable by implementing a dedicated cloud data protection solution like Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 from HostedBizz.

This service offers comprehensive cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft 365, including Teams data, stored securely within the HostedBizz cloud. It ensures swift data recovery when required, providing peace of mind in an era where data protection is paramount.

As the remote workforce continues to thrive, securing your Microsoft Teams data is not merely an option—it’s a necessity. Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model and investing in robust data protection solutions are essential steps toward mitigating the risks of data loss and ensuring your organization’s continued success in this dynamic digital landscape.

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