Utilise Secure Canadian Cloud for Backup and Replication with a trusted Veeam Platinum Cloud Service Provider

What you’re looking for…

  • A solution to protect your organization from increasingly targeted cyber attacks
  • The best Veeam Cloud Connect provider when it comes to performance and security
  • Backup and DR Services on premise and offsite virtual machines
  • Backup and DR Services for physical machines
  • A solution that can work with multiple operating systems with varied RPO and RTO requirements
  • Cost savings while ensuring you possess reliable Backup and DR capabilities
  • A way to optimize data storage options whilst complying with regulatory data storage requirements

Why work with HostedBizz?

  • Ransomware protection included
  • Veeam Cloud Connect in just a few clicks
  • VM Protection combined with Veeam appliance options for local and cloud protection
  • Physical Machine protection including full system recovery in the cloud
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery hosted in secure datacenters

Canada’s leading Veeam Platinum Cloud & Service Provider

Supporting Veeam Software® and offering support for Veeam Cloud Connect, Veeam Backup and Recovery, and Veeam Replication for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is what we do best.

Our team of Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service consultants include certified Veeam Engineers and Architects that have experience in supporting small to large enterprise businesses within all industries and with a wide variety of requirements.

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Veeam Backup & Recovery

The HostedBizz Veeam Backup & Recovery service includes hardware, software and secure cloud storage for optimum data protection.

Pre-configured with best-of-breed technology, HostedBizz will ensure backups are automatically performed and monitored.

Backups are programmed to run locally for lightening fast recovery and are securely transferred offsite into our Canadian datacenter for long term data retention.

HostedBizz DRaaS Solution

Veeam Cloud Connect

HostedBizz’s secure Veeam Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect provides secure, highly available and cost effective remote backup for your local virtual machines, physical machines and data.

Recover an up to date seondary backup as and when your business requires.