Secure Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect is a comprehensive, easily deployable technology that enables you to build a cloud backup or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering. Everything is stored in one of our datacenters, supported by experienced HostedBizz data backup and recovery specialists.

If you are interested in building a cloud business then


Eliminate the need for off-site infrastructure

HostedBizz offers Veeam as a fast, reliable solution for virtual, physical and cloud-based servers.
The Veeam repository unites back-up and replication solutions in a single software with easy-to-use features and functionality.

Veeam Cloud Connect offers the same secure back-up to the cloud, eliminating the need for off-site infrastructure.
HostedBizz is recognized as a top tier Veeam Cloud Service Provider and Cloud Connect target.

How it Works

Upload your backups easily, securely and automatically to the HostedBizz Cloud. Using Veeam, you can ensure that your data is replicated in our secure datacentres.

1) Obtain your Veeam Cloud Connect Credentials from HostedBizz

2) Add the credentials within the service provider menu of your Veeam Backup & Replication Console or Veeam Agent install

3) Create a job that targets the HostedBizz Veeam Cloud Connect Repository/Hardware Plan

4) Restore your data 24/7/365

What can Veeam and HostedBizz do for you?

  • SSL-based encryption and security
  • Support for large data volumes with incremental backups,
    GFS retention, WAN acceleration
  • Fully integrated backup repository with easy-to-use restoration functions
  • Full Veeam Cloud Connect Replication capability for instant restores
  • Secure offsite backup with no VPN requirements
  • Offsite Repository for data backup VM Replication and Instant VM Recovery

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