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Become a Veeam Partner

The industry’s best virtualized
server back-up and recovery.

Become a Veeam Partner! A Veeam partnership offers multiple methods for revenue creation. Suitable for clients with and without an existing Veeam solution,
Veeam offers a diverse range of back-up solutions.

Partnering with one of the many veeam cloud connect providers allows clients to seamlessly integrate onsite and offsite repositories. Clients simply select services and deploy within a single control panel. The Veeam Backup and Replication Suite eliminates the requirement of specialized VPN tunnels and dedicated repositories.

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Veeam partners have access to the following products

  • Dedicated Windows Server or Veeam Proxy/Repository
  • Variable sizing
  • WAN acceleration option
  • Transit over IPsec VPN or MPLS network
  • Suitable for clients not using Veeam
  • On-premise Veeam installation
  • Offsite repository
  • Offsite backups for existing Veeam clients
  • Offsite backup with no VPN requirements
  • WAN acceleration supported
  • End-to-end SSEL encryption
  • Backups encryption support
  • Veeam reference architecture for optimal security and performance
  • Backups restored to the cloud
  • Managed backup for cloud virtual machines
  • Automated email reporting
  • On-demand reporting via Enterprise Manager
  • Dedicated repository per client
  • Managed restore services available
  • Self service portal for basic restore functionality
  • Client protects virtual machines running on-premises and in the cloud
  • Client replicates local backups to a dedicated proxy in the cloud
  • Cloud backups are replicated back to their on-premise infrastructure for Disaster Recovery

Veeam also offers a Sandbox environment, where users test functionality and features of Veeam in a non-production environment. This Sandbox is a dedicated Veeam environment running active directory, SharePoint, SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange.

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