Veeam Cloud Connect Case Study.

HostedBizz Implements Fully Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Client: Municipality of North Perth

The Municipality of North Perth is responsible for the management and maintenance of municipal services for the region including everything from emergency services, garbage, recycling, elections, and libraries.

The Municipality of North Perth has a responsibility to safely secure, store and archive the data associated with resident services.

Objective: Address backup and disaster recovery requirement

Ensure a secure and robust solution to protect the data associated with their residential services

Ensure all data is protected on premise with a best of breed backup solution that also addresses their need for an offsite disaster recovery solution

Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) of under 4 hours


Limited budget

Need for a cost-effective off-site disaster recovery solution

Limited bandwidth

Neeeded to find a way to complete off-site DR backups with a 10/2 Mbps DSL connection

Inconsistent backups

Existing backup solutions were unreliable and inconsistent which left sensitive data vulnerable

Limited proficiency

Needed full support and knowledge of the selected backup solution

Control costs

Need for more cost-effective on premise and cloud licensing

"The move to having a full Disaster Recovery capability within HostedBizz’s Canadian Cloud has been very cost effective. The management of our cloud backups can all be orchestrated through the Veeam Management Console with really simplifies the process to get set up.”

Eric Bauer

Technology Service Co-ordinator, Municipality of North Perth


HostedBizz provided a single vendor solution including licensing, storage, deployment and monitoring. The solution was up and running within a few hours.



Scheduled a remote session with the customer – preliminary discovery of the customer’s environment – verified working order to ensure that the infrastructure could support cloud backups

Verified internet connection speed can support the differential data size of the customer’s backups


Deployment Process

1. Consulted with Director of IT at North Perth to determine which VMs needed to be backed up on premise and to the cloud.

2. Determined the overall data consumption of all VMs that require backup.

3. Configure on premise repository settings and added HostedBizz as a service provider. Within this action the Cloud Backup Repository was added to North Perth’s Veeam infrastructure and becomes part of the selection of available repositories.

4. Created Backup Job (includes scheduling, reporting, retention, encryption, VM selection, compression and bandwidth control settings).

5. Created Backup Copy jobs (includes scheduling, reporting, retention, encryption, VM selection, compression and bandwidth control settings).

  • The backup copy job was relatively large (3TB), an offline seed of the backup to an external HD was suggested
  • HostedBizz provided an offline seed drive, it was added as a repository selection to the North Perth Veeam infrastructure (Important to note this was only a temporary repository used for the initial seed)
  • Once the initial seed was completed the drive was sent back to HostedBizz and uploaded to the Cloud repository

** It is important to note that a customer has the options to proceed without an offline seed if they choose to, in this case the backup copy is run directly to the Cloud repository over the WAN.

6. After these steps were completed and all jobs ran successfully (both backup and backup copy) a follow up remote session was completed with the Director of IT to optimize configurations.

7. HostedBizz now monitors and assists with management of the ongoing backup processes at North Perth.



HostedBizz continually monitors the status of each backup and backup copy to ensure all backup related processes are running smoothly. If there are any issues, HostedBizz will reach out to the customer to provide assistance.

Outcome: Fully Managed and Monitored Backup as a Service & Disaster Recovery Solution Using Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Cloud Connect in the HostedBizz Cloud

Complete backups of entire VM infrastructure on a daily basis

On premise backups serve as primary restoration repository in case of accidental deletion, corrupted files, or individual VM failures

Complete daily offsite backups in under 4 hours (limited by clients current bandwidth)

Benefits of Cloud Connect Repository

Completely fail over to a cloud server infrastructure in the event of a disaster

Provides the client with a Cloud “Sandbox” to restore VMs, complete application updates, and test new software in a non-production environment

Ensures protection against from Ransonware/Cryptolocker attacks

"We were already protecting our data using Veeam. Adding Veeam Cloud Connect backup and replication with support from HostedBizz was simple, quick and efficient. We now have the municipality’s server environment protected in the cloud which can be called upon in the event of a disaster or a need to roll back our infrastructure due to a virus or ransomware attack."

Eric Bauer

Technology Service Co-ordinator, Municipality of North Perth