Superior Performance

Managed VDI Solutions

Comprehensive VDI Management for any Organization

HostedBizz Managed VDI solutions lessen the burden of IT for teams who struggle to keep up with ever-changing user administration, security, and end user device management.

Simplified Administration

Quickly create virtual desktops on demand, and securely deliver desktops as a service from a single control pane.

Keep User Data Secure

Whether end users are using company or personal laptops, thin client devices, or mobile devices, they enjoy an optimized user experience, while corporate data stays compliant and securely stored in HostedBizz Tier III data center.

Why HostedBizz Managed VDI Solutions?

  • End to end management –  fully managed VDI experience
  • Security –  fully protected within a multi layered security environment
  • Superior end user experience – backed by High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Dedicated Support – 24/7 HostedBizz support
  • Industry specific VDI Services
  • Business Continuity – backed by 100% Canadian UTI Tier III Certified data centers
  • GPU acceleration

Multi Tenant Horizon (GPU & non GPU)


Features Include

  • HostedBizz manages all the Horizon View components
  • No cost overhead or management overhead for your IT team
  • 100% fully managed service

Dedicated Horizon Environment (vCloud Director)


Features Include

  • Horizon View components are co-managed and dedicated to you and your clients
  • Desktops with GPU acceleration are not available in this model
  • Provides you with end-to-end control of your VDI stack
  • Perfect for MSPs with or without Horizon View/VDI experience or with unique security

GPU-Accelerated VDI


Features Include

  • Substantially reduced infrastructure costs
  •  Accelerated data analytics
  •  Streamlined VDI adoption
  •  Increased productivity for all user types
  • • Optimized application performance

85% of organizations report that simplified workspace management to be the top reason for using VDI

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