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The HostedBizz Veeam solution allows users to backup, replicate and restore data from a single interface free from any additional licensing costs.
Our partnership with Veeam allows for unified monitoring via your own reporting panel for total transparency into data backup and recoverability.

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect is a comprehensive, easily deployable technology that enables you to build a cloud backup or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering. If you are interested in building a cloud business then contact our team today.

Eliminate the need for off-site infrastructure

HostedBizz offers Veeam as a fast, reliable solution for virtual, physical and cloud-based servers.
The Veeam repository unites back-up and replication solutions in a single software with easy-to-use features and functionality.

Veeam Cloud Connect offers the same secure back-up to the cloud, eliminating the need for off-site infrastructure.
HostedBizz is recognized as a top tier Veeam Cloud Service Provider and Cloud Connect target.

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What can Veeam and HostedBizz do for you?

  • SSL-based encryption and security
  • Support for large data volumes with incremental backups,
    GFS retention, WAN acceleration
  • Fully integrated backup repository with easy-to-use restoration functions
  • Full Veeam Cloud Connect Replication capability for instant restores
  • Secure offsite backup with no VPN requirements
  • Offsite Repository for data backup VM Replication and Instant VM Recovery

Veeam Cloud Connect

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect allows users to extend their backup infrastructure to the cloud via hosted backup repositories and complete backup services.

Veeam Cloud Connect integrates hosted cloud repositories in a single backup console. By using this solution, you’ll eliminate the need for a VPN. The cloud backup works like a traditional backup source – but it’s available even when a primary backup or data centre source is lost.

The HostedBizz Veeam Cloud Connect solutions allows users to customize storage requirements and targets – and nothing more.  Our solution saves your company time and money.


  • Supports large data volumes with incremental backups, GFS retention, WAN acceleration
  • Securely transfers data over an SSL/TLS connection, simplifying firewall configuration
  • Eliminates VPN connections
  • Deploy multiple cloud gateways to enable high availability and automatic load balancing
  • Fully integrated backup repository with easy to use restoration functions and capabilities
  • Affordable, reliable, and always-available encrypted backups

Veeam Backup & Replication

What is Veeam Backup & Replication?

Veeam Backup & Replication provides disaster recovery through image-based VM replication. In the case of disaster, users can quickly and easily switch to a replica stored in the cloud to ensure disaster recovery.


Veeam Cloud Connect WAN Acceleration

What is Veeam Cloud Connect WAN Acceleration?

Optimizes file transfer time and business application performance. Remote and mobile employees benefit the most from WAN Acceleration; it can significantly impact business productivity with faster file transfers, database access, industry-specific applications, and other business architectures such as Microsoft Exchange.

Features Include

  • Dedicated Windows Server 2008 or 2012 Veeam Proxy/Repository
  • Custom, variable sizing for server resources depending on backup replication requirements
  • WAN acceleration optional
  • Transit over IPsec VPN or private network (MPLS)

Veeam Managed Cloud Backup

HostedBizz partnered with Veeam, the industry leader in virtualized server backup, to provide the most secure managed cloud backup and replication possible.

The features offered in the Veeam Availability Suite provide in-depth visibility into cloud server backups.


  • Perform backups of cloud virtual machines using Veeam according to RTO/RPO requirements
  • Manage and monitor backup configuration and reporting
  • Access to reporting via Veeam Enterprise Manager
  • Restore virtual machines or files via Veeam Enterprise Manager
  • Cloud backups copied offsite to the on-premises Veeam environment over IPsec tunnel or MPLS network
  • Cloud backups copied to geographically diverse locations

Veeam Sandbox

HostedBizz created a Sandbox service for all Veeam Channel Partners. Veeam partners use the Sandbox to test the functionality and features of the Veeam products in a staged, non-production environment.That means any changes made in the Sandbox aren’t implemented until they’re pushed into a production environment. Test changes without fear of data corruption or loss.

Data stored in the cloud is 36% more cost effective.
50% of Canadian business have permanently lost data.
8 out of 10 business owners worry about data ownership.

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