Remote Desktop

Liberate your business with Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop enables employees to use any computer, tablet, or smartphone to remotely connect to a corporate desktop where they can access files, applications and network resources. This session-based desktop service, deployed using HostedBizz enterprise-grade cloud server infrastructure, allows users to work seamlessly from any location without requiring specialized security software.

This sort of infrastructure is easier to manage as updates can be performed centrally and rolled out to users immediately. You can also use devices with much simpler specifications as the desktop is powered from the cloud rather than individual machines.

Enable employees to work locally and remotely

Your system administrator can automatically deploy updates and new programs across the network.
You can also deploy customized versions of network applications, with customized levels of access and security.

Benefit from Made-in-Canada redundancy

HostedBizz cloud infrastructure is based in tier 3 data centres in Canada and offers physical and IT security, redundant power grids, multiple internet providers and backup power. We also provide geographic redundancy between Eastern and Western Canada.

Why HostedBizz Remote Desktop?

  • Availability on any device
  • Scalability in any situation
  • Cost efficiency
  • Performance

HostedBizz Remote Desktop

By accessing data through the HostedBizz remote desktop solution, organizations reduce the risk of data loss or disaster. With files stored in secure data centres and encrypted connections to the remote desktop, remote file access is safe from security breaches. Issues with the network can immediately be address by the network administrator, regardless of user location.


  • Enable employees to access files, applications and network resources remotely
  • Automatically deploys the latest updates and new applications across the entire network
  • Deploy customized versions network applications, with customized levels of access and security

Reduce your risk of data loss or disaster.
Access your data through the HostedBizz remote desktop.

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