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Cloud Backup

Protect your critical data using
Cloud Backup from HostedBizz

HostedBizz back-up solutions automatically create a backup - including system state, applications, files and folders - to our cloud and fully restore your server within seconds. HostedBizz backup solutions are retrievable via your online portal. Stop worrying about data loss - start focusing on your business.

Benefit from Made-in-Canada redundancy

HostedBizz cloud infrastructure is based in tier 3 data centres in Canada. Our facilities offer physical and IT security, redundant power grids, multiple internet providers and backup power. We also provide geographic redundancy between Eastern and Western Canada.

Restore data anytime, anywhere

With HostedBizz, backups automatically occur based on backup policies, without ongoing administration. You can set automated backups multiple times per day with secure and compliant server and desktop backups.

Why HostedBizz Cloud Backup?

  • Only backs-up data that has changed; decreasing storage needs and costs
  • Fast and easy data recovery; rapidly restores only data that has changed
  • Choose our Ottawa or Calgary data centres for your storage targets
  • 100% offsite data protection, using redundant enterprise-grade storage arrays

File backup for PCs

Optimized for desktop and laptop computer protection. HostedBizz offers a simple one-click client install to support Windows and MacOS machines.

Features Include

  • An easy-to-use, zero configuration client
  • Automatic back-ups for user files and folders
  • Default and custom backup settings to protect commonly used files and folders (eg. email, My Documents)
  • Fully programmable client; reduce redundant backups by ignoring specific file types (eg. .avi, .mp3, .aac)
  • Versioning options to store and retain files, folders or file type by period of time
  • Continuous Data Protection process with pause & resume technology
  • No charge client; backup unlimited PCs and laptops for no additional cost per machine
  • Billing based on total data used - regardless of number of computers

File backup for Servers

Built for high-traffic physical and virtual server environments, the HostedBizz Vault uses a specially designed backup client optimized for cloud server backup. Engineered for maximum flexibility, Vault allows agentless backup of physical and virtual servers - regardless of the physical location or the server operating system.

Vault fully supports secure database backup environments such as MS SQL, MS Exchange (Full and Brick Level) email and other popular business applications.

Features Include

  • Fast restores with hybrid backup technology
  • Saves local copies of your data and VMs
  • Easy-to-manage deployment with agentless backup
  • Automatic server detection (physical or virtual), regardless of location
  • Uninterrupted business operations with run-time backup of virtual servers at the VM level
  • VM level restorations, saving time to re-install operating systems, restore system state/active directory or files
  • Complete VM image restoration to the point-in-time snapshot of when it was last backed up
  • Unlimited server backup at no additional cost
  • Billing based on total data used - regardless of number of servers

Consolidate and reduce costs by eliminating on site redundant server hardware for recovery

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