Ransomware Revealed: Proactive Approaches in the Face of Growing Threats

Join our upcoming webinar where we’ll have a real talk about the current state of cybersecurity for businesses.

Here’s What We’ll Discuss:

  • Practical ways to get your team up to speed with cybersecurity
  • The nitty-gritty of preparing for and handling a cyberattack
  • The role of data backups in your security strategy

Key Speakers

The highlight of our event will be a focused discussion on the ‘Ransomware Trends Report 2023’. Our very own CTO, Sagi Brody, will be hosting alongside the notable Veeam Strategy Expert, Jason Buffington. They’ll share stories from the cybersecurity frontlines, giving you a clear picture of the current ransomware threat landscape.

Get the lowdown from a survey of over 1200 IT leaders. Hear their real experiences with ransomware and the practical measures they took to counter these threats.

But we’re not just here to share facts. We’re here to inspire change. We’ll take you through the data, the insights, and most importantly, we’ll share action plans that organizations are using to fortify themselves against ransomware.

Event Details:

Date: September 21st
Time: Starting at 2pm EST
Note: The webinar will be in English.

Don’t miss out! Register today to secure your spot and receive a free copy of the ‘2023 Global Report: Ransomware Trends’ commissioned by Veeam.

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