Strengthening Microsoft 365 Security with HostedBizz – SRA’s Success Story

SRA was facing growing concerns about the security of their Microsoft 365 environment and their sensitive data. The organization realized the need to fortify their defenses against potential threats and enhance their overall security posture, to ensure the safety of their client data.

About Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association (SRA)

The Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association (SRA) leads and supports over 1,650 REALTORS® in Saskatchewan through technology, education, and advocacy. They are the expert voice invested in bringing insight to public policy makers related to growth, housing, real estate, and wealth creation in our communities. Their collaborative and innovative team is committed to achieving tangible results, positioning them as the influential leader and trusted resource for real estate in the province.

Challenge: Rising Ransomware Attacks and Microsoft 365 Security Gaps

SRA’s technology team was much like those in other organizations – well- trained, but often overburdened with numerous tasks and responsibilities.

Ransomware attacks in the realty industry were becoming more common, and the latest SRA annual business risk review revealed that cybersecurity was a top concern. SRA’s primary focus was their Microsoft 365 environment, as they were aware of possible vulnerabilities within the platform.

Recognizing the urgency and criticality of the situation, SRA brought in HostedBizz to assess their Microsoft 365 environment. The assessment focused on identifying vulnerabilities, potential risks, and areas for improvement. Based on the findings, a tailored security strategy was developed, addressing the specific needs and concerns of SRA. Areas of opportunity included:

  • Microsoft 365 security and mobile device management (MDM) feature
  • Microsoft 365 and Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Endpoint, antivirus protection
  • Limited visibility into Windows, MacOS updates and reporting
  • Microsoft 356 data backup

Results: Overall Microsoft Security Hardening – better security posture for SRA

Centralized Device and Application Management: HostedBizz implemented a Intune Endpoint Manager for end-user devices and applications. This solution streamlined the administration process, ensuring that security policies were consistently applied across all devices. This not only enhanced the overall security posture but also simplified the day-to-day management for SRA’s IT

Improved Security Posture: HostedBizz deployed advanced Center for Internet Security (CIS) Microsoft 365 Security Controls measures within the Microsoft 365 environment, including multi-factor authentication, encryption protocols, and threat detection tools. This comprehensive approach fortified SRA’s defenses against a wide range of cyber threats, providing a robust shield for their sensitive data.

Enhanced Visibility and Monitoring: To address SRA’s concerns about visibility, HostedBizz implemented Covalence cybersecurity monitoring, which provided real-time insights into day-to-day operations. This included alerts for suspicious activities, automated responses to security incidents, and detailed audit logs for compliance purposes. SRA gained a heightened awareness of their digital environment, allowing them to proactively address potential threats.
Following the implementation of HostedBizz’s solutions, SRA experienced a significant improvement in their Microsoft 365 security. The centralized management system streamlined their IT operations, the enhanced security measures provided robust protection, and improved visibility empowered them to detect and respond to threats effectively. SRA expressed high
satisfaction with HostedBizz’s work, highlighting the professionalism, expertise, and dedication of the HostedBizz team. The successful collaboration not only strengthened SRA’s security infrastructure but also established a lasting partnership for ongoing support and innovation.

Implemented Technologies and Security Standards

  • Microsoft Business Premium
  • Microsoft Entra ID P2
  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) Microsoft 365 Security Controls
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Defender for endpoints, Identity, Office 365, Cloud Apps
  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365
  • Field Effect Covalence Managed Cybersecurity
“We are incredibly grateful for the expertise and support provided by HostedBizz in optimizing the security posture of The Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association’s infrastructure. Their dedication to implementing robust
cybersecurity measures and enhancing our Microsoft 365 platform’s security has been invaluable to our organization.”
Jacqueline Zabolotney
Chief Operating Officer, SRA


  • Centralized Device and Application Management
  • Improved Security Posture
  • Enhanced Visibility and Monitoring

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