IT service providers that can meet the demand will avoid losing customers to other providers.

BridgeTech Systems has been providing the Ottawa corporate and government sector with internet, network, support and database services for over 20 years. Its highly skilled consultants are certified in everything from Microsoft to SharePoint to VMware.

Of the Canadian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) not currently using the cloud for backup and networking, 54% count it as a top priority.2

BridgeTech Systems has cemented its lead in the market over two decades by answering and anticipating customer needs. But the growing demand for cloud services was proving problematic. “After 20 years in the business, we have a lot of customers, and many of them have requested cloud services in the last year,” said Doug Small, President, BridgeTech Systems.

The Majority Moves to the Cloud

Cloud data backup and networking services are not new. But early adopters have now proven these services, and the cloud has crossed the chasm, so to speak. Now the large majority of players, big and small, private and public, are becoming serious about getting into the cloud.

Not surprisingly, smaller businesses are moving faster. A company with fewer than 19 employees is almost 20% more likely to have adopted the cloud than a midsize company with more than 500 employees.SMB spending on cloud will grow by 20% per year over the next five years.4

With HostedBizz, we were impressed not only by their technology infrastructure and expertise, but also by their responsiveness. We simply would not get this kind of partnership with a large US provider,” Doug Small remarked.


A Strong Channel Solution
HostedBizz has a full program for channel partners, including branding of the cloud solution, white-labeled marketing collateral and social media campaigns.

An All-Canadian Cloud Service
Now that the Patriot Act allows the U.S. government to access data in any American firm’s cloud, Canadian-based service is more and more sought after. “We’re very cognizant that this is a concern for Canadians,” said Paul Butcher of HostedBizz. “We operate out of Tier 3 data centers in Ottawa and Toronto, and we are expanding with a presence in Western Canada. This lets us offer cloud computing free of any privacy risk.”

BridgeTech Cloud Services
The cloud services BridgeTech provides is giving their clients complete peace of mind, knowing their business is never at risk in the event of data loss. Instead, they can focus on running a successful business. Clients also save thousands of dollars in hardware purchases, shifting large capital expenses to monthly recurring operational expenditures.


“We know the market is now,” said Doug Small. “And with the price points that we can achieve in partnership with HostedBizz, we’re in a good position to offer these critical services, cost effectively to our large customer base.”

BridgeTech has a full offering that meets demand and provides a future growth area. All without significant start-up costs or staff retraining. “This is a great market opportunity for us,” said Doug. “With the strength of the offering and the ongoing commitment of HostedBizz as a partner in the journey, we feel completely confident about meeting the growing demand for cloud services.”

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The demand for cloud services in our large customer base is strongly growing. HostedBizz let us respond with a bulletproof solution, all with minimal outlay and retraining. HostedBizz channel strategies and materials let us get up and running immediately, without onerous training cycles or ramping up our marketing offers. HostedBizz have provided us with excellent presales and customer proposal solutions, to ensure that we can close business in a timely manner.
Doug Small, President BridgeTech Systems

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