MSPs: 3 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Gone are the days of sending a mass email marketing campaign from Microsoft Outlook.

Let’s talk about email marketing.  A lot of our MSP clients don’t have dedicated marketing teams (but that’s ok, we offer all of our partners marketing support.)  They’re busy with clients, and email marketing in the digital era comes with a very unique set of challenges.  The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) was introduced in 2014, and six years later, we still see our MSP partners struggling to understand the rules.  This blog post explains three tips that will help you set up a legal, automated email marketing process that won’t break the bank, and will keep you from getting a heavy spam fine from the CRTC.

1) Before sending emails, get consent

Before you start sending out those email marketing campaigns, make sure you have the recipient’s consent. Hosting seminars, offering free reports and moderating webinars are all great ways to collect new email list contacts.  The two types of consent are express and implied.  Either way, you’ll need it to be able to send an email. If  you’re not sure, a quick phone call can clarify whether you have consent or not.  Read more about the CRTC’s rules about this here.

2) Use an automated email marketing platform

What’s better than a tool that allows you to send visually appealing, law abiding emails while tracking open and click rates? Create email templates, segmented contact lists, and offer downloadable content while driving traffic back to your website securely.  You can also test out what emails are working and what aren’t by checking in on your campaign stats. Honestly, if you can set up Facebook, you can set up any of these automated email platforms.  Bonus: Mailchimp offers the platform for free as long as you stay under 2000 contacts.  We suggest one of these three platforms below:

3) Write content that works

Your contacts are busy.  Most likely, they’ll either delete your emails or leave them unopened.  Make your headlines catchy, and be clear about your call to action (CTA)  If you want your contacts to visit your website, mention it throughout the text, add a button guiding them to your site and mention it upon closing out the email.  Tell them why your services are going to benefit them.  A long list of features doesn’t answer the question “Why do I need this?” and your contact is surely thinking it while they skim through the email.

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