MSPs: Unlock O365 Revenue Potential

Can a reseller O365 management tool be the key to increasing your MRR?

The number of organizations embracing Office 365 (O365) is growing exponentially. Reports show that 1 in 5 corporate employees are using the O365 cloud service platform.

Maintaining a competitive edge and reducing time to market is the key to MSP success.  How to unlock that potential?  MSPs must adopt a subscription-based sales strategy that allows them to excel in a cloud-first world.  This is where using a comprehensive O365 management tool boosts margin and reduces billing complexities.


Grow bottom line profits and simplify customer acquisition with the HostedBizz O365 Management Tool. This single pane, multi-tenant management tool cuts down the time it takes to respond to customer product and subscription needs.  MSPs benefit from being able to quickly scale from 500 to 5000 subscriptions in a relatively shorter time than with traditional MS account management tools.  If each subscription totaled an incremental $5 per month in sales that would mean an increase of $270K per year.


We know that your customer needs are ever-changing.  One organization is adding 25 new employees while another is consolidating their workforce.  This means that keeping on top of constant billing changes can be challenging.  Centralize, automate, and reconcile O365 subscription transactions quickly and most importantly – accurately.  Never miss another opportunity to maximize MRR.


When asked what clients look for in an MSP, fast response times and scalable support were top of mind.  Providing them with real time, accurate billing data upon request is also important.  Your expertise will ensure they will entrust more of their business with your MSP.  It’s simple.

The HostedBizz O365 Management Tool

Don’t let cumbersome administration of O365 users slow down your business. Our comprehensive management tool offers:

  • Subscription Management
  • O365 Billing Aggregation
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Streamlined Systems Integration
  • Flexible platform branding

At HostedBizz we help businesses break free from the limits of IT.  Whether you’re an MSP that wants to streamline management of O365 subscriptions or you’re looking to increase your MRR by using a tool that allows you to accurately track and resolve billing issues – we’re here to answer your questions. The O365 Management Tool is a part of our standard O365 offering.  To learn more about HostedBizz O365 Management Tool , contact our account management team today.

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