Acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement

Simple Management of the  Microsoft Customer Agreements (MCA) using the HostedBizz Management Console.

Starting on February 1, 2020, Microsoft requires acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) when new orders are placed for any HostedBizz offers under Microsoft Public Cloud. This includes changing number of seats and the renewal of existing licenses.

You can now accept the Microsoft Customer agreement in the HostedBizz Management Console on behalf of your customer, or your customer can accept this themselves in the console.

Click here to access our step by step guide to ensuring that your MCA’s are up to date.


About the HostedBizz Management Console

Offered by Hostedbizz to help MSPs manage the complexity of everyday O365 customer management, this tool provides:

  • Subscription Management
  • O365 Billing Aggregation
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Streamlined Systems Integration
  • Flexible platform branding

This useful management tool is just one of the many ways we offer support to our MSP partners.  Learn more about our whole line of solutions here.  Need assistance with managing your end users’ solution subscriptions?  Contact our account management team today. We’re here to help!