Myth: Microsoft backs up your 365 data

Does Microsoft automatically back up my data? 

As Microsoft 365 is cloud based, there’s a common misconception that all data is protected, as it’s accessible from any device. The truth is – Microsoft does backup your data- but only as part of a limited shared responsibility-model.

backing up Microsoft 365 data

Shared responsibility? What does that mean?

So from the Microsoft point of view, this means they only have to provide infrastructure security. This means ensuring that their data centers are capable of replication and redundancy and include guarantees of uptime and privacy. You are responsible for your own data that sits within that infrastructure. You can read more about Microsoft’s limited commitments to clients here.

What if one of my users deletes something critical?

That’s where you’re on your own! You are responsible for protecting your data from human error (due to malicious activity or innocuous accidents), misconfigured workflows, hackers, ransomware, and viruses. 

So I need to back up the data myself? 

Yes! Backing up your users and data is truly your responsibility and if you are not proactive about that, any help you get from Microsoft in times of crisis is minimal at best. Think long response times and a pdf of your recovered data. 

What about security?

As mentioned above, Microsoft will secure your data to prevent physical attacks on their data centers but if hackers can get hold of your data through identity theft, ransomware attacks or a compromised password, this isn’t covered. Organizations should implement the necessary endpoint protection for best practice. 

What about our Teams Data? Does that need to be backed up?

If you want to ensure it’s protected then yes you do have to ensure your organization is taking regular backups and implementing disaster recovery practices to protect it. 

For the first time, a slim majority of IT professionals (51%) report that employees now prefer real-time messaging apps over email for internal communications. Users can collaborate under specific projects and share files centrally with each other. This sometimes means that valuable information is stored within conversations with colleagues. 

So yes! You want to ensure this is being backed up adequately!

Still not sure if you need a Microsoft 365 backup?

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