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Flexible, Fast and Efficient….its like we built it for developers.

Software Developers

HostedBizz has created the most flexible, convenient and fastest cloud technology to help you easily manage your infrastructure so you can do what you do best…code. We provide our users with optional high-performance standard and SSD Hard Drives, Custom Template Creation, best in class hardware and an easy to use management console.

Cloud Servers in seconds

  • We value your time. That’s why all of our cloud servers are provisioned in less than 120 seconds! No more waiting for a slow progress bar to complete – your machine is online and pinging fast.
  • World class virtualization – Our cloud infrastructure is built on the world’s number 1 virtualization technology – VM Ware. Designed to support high levels of security, performance and availability. Peace of mind knowing your servers are backed by the latest and best in virtualization technology.
  • Blazing Hardware – your servers are provisioned on best in class Intel based hardware with dedicated RAM, CPU and Compute along with SAN run in RAID 10 Configurations.

Easy-to-use Control Panel

  • An intuitive user interface to control all of your virtual servers. Create, resize, rebuild with single clicks. An experience designed around the user instead of technology. Add backup and snapshot capabilities for quick file level or bare metal restores.
  • Resize Server in a Single Click – Easily resize your server by increasing or decreasing resources at the click of mouse. Start at any size and resize based on load, requests or capacity. Dynamically change as your business requires more resources.
  • Using our backup utility, set your server to be automatically backed up or, take a snapshot when you reach development milestones. Servers can be restored or created from the snapshot saving you valuable configuration time.
  • Vsphere access so you never lose access to your virtual server, you’ll be able to recover it with full console access
  • Save tons of time with our single click application installs leveraging our server template feature. Create templates with your exact specification stack – OS, Resources and applications. Have your template pre-configured and ready to go in seconds.

All located in a Canadian based Tier 3 Data Center giving your development environment a safe place to live with redundancy at all levels – security, power, network access and fire suppression.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Our server environment changes almost daily as we power down, power up and scale compute resources to meet rigorous release criteria and timelines. Optimizing this aspect of our business operations was part of what drove us to evaluate Cloud. The second part is strategic. Once the business is running on the Cloud, ZIM will leverage Cloud to make software tools available to customers as a PaaS. This is the end game.

— Celso Bressan – Manager of R&D - ZIM

The solution from HostedBizz gives us more control over our server infrastructure than we expected. We can flex our computing resources up and down based on the demand that we see from our customers

— Josh Garellek – CEO Arctic Empire

4Té were using a tape backup which was a very cumbersome methodology for all of our critical data. HostedBizz were able to replace this whole process with an automated worry-free backup process into their secure Canadian cloud infrastructure

— Tammy Green - Systems Manager 4Té Inc

Bold Radius is a custom software development, training and consulting firm. Bold Radius needed bullet proof elastic computing. We needed the ability to spin up and tear down servers and to dynamically change server resources on the fly. Hostedbizz delivers this to us and our clients and we can control all of our services through their simple to use portal.

— Mike Kelland - President & CEO, Bold Radius

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