How SMBs can implement the world’s most sophisticated cybersecurity solutions.

Often we hear small to medium businesses (SMBs) say that they don’t need cyber security because attacks only happen to large enterprises. The belief that only large, well-known businesses can be targeted is unfortunately far from the truth. A recent study by Ponemon Institute found that 66% of small and mid-size businesses worldwide reported a cyberattack within the previous year. More and more, attackers are turning their attention to this market as these SMBs often don’t have the same level of security, cyber protection resources, or knowledge in place when it comes to cyber defense. The harsh reality is that we are all vulnerable to these malicious attacks, and we all need to implement proper cyber defenses to protect ourselves before they happen.

Top Challenges that prevent SMB’s implementing enterprise grade cybersecurity solutions

  • Planning complexity – dealing with legacy IT systems, remote workforces and ever-evolving business goals makes it hard to effectively plan for the deployment of new cybersecurity solutions.
  • Lack of IT resources – as well as having professionals on hand to implement and manage these systems seems almost impossible. We hear you! It can be an incredibly overwhelming topic of discussion.
  • Cost – most cybersecurity solutions cost more than what SMB’s have allotted in their budgets when it comes to protecting data.
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Covalence: the world’s most sophisticated cybersecurity solution – built for SMBs.

HostedBizz has partnered with Field Effect, a company dedicated to delivering advanced cybersecurity services to businesses of all sizes, to provide customers with Covalence, an all-in-one security platform that monitors and protects cloud services, networks and endpoints all from a single portal, all in real-time. This tool is backed by 24/7 monitoring from a team of intelligence-grade cyber security experts to protect your entire system. Covalence covers your entire network in one, holistic solution, by providing actions and recommendations in a way that is easy to digest for the average administrator. It reduces the number of tools required and the time needed to manage them, making it a cost-effective solution. No more “alert fatigue” thanks to their curated alerts that only happen when action really needs to be taken.

Overall, Covalence is an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve their cybersecurity posture. With its advanced threat detection capabilities, comprehensive feature set, and ease of use, Covalence is an all-in-one solution that can help businesses of all sizes stay ahead of today’s constantly evolving cybersecurity environment. With a system like Covalence in place, you can rest assured knowing that you’re covered from all angles and backed with an around-the-clock team of professionals to keep your data safe!

Still not sure if Covalence is a good fit for your organization? We currently offer a free cyber attack surface report to get you started. Chances are, you’re at risk, and we can help!

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