HostedBizz Brings Field Effect to Canadian MSPs

Field Effect Partners with HostedBizz to Bring its Cyber Security Software to Canadian MSPs

Updated: July 15 2024 to reflect name change from Covalence to Field Effect

Ottawa ON (November 24, 2020) Field Effect, a leader in cyber security threat detection software and services, is excited to announce that it has partnered with HostedBizz, one of Canada’s premier cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers. The partnership means the launch of a new HostedBizz threat and data protection service powered by Field Effect’s Field Effect. Field Effect is a complete managed cyber security solution that provides monitoring, detection, analysis, and response across endpoints, networks, and cloud services from a single portal.

HostedBizz, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, provides an integrated suite of cloud infrastructure services, including cloud servers, backup, disaster recovery, file sharing, and virtual desktop services.  HostedBizz is committed to investing in and providing the latest cloud-based technologies such as managed security, to Canadian businesses through their vast network of MSP partners and IT providers.

Field Effect will enable HostedBizz partners to deliver comprehensive threat monitoring, detection, and response to their SMB clients while maintaining a 24×7, real-time view into their networks.  HostedBizz will offer Field Effect under a monthly, consumption-based pricing model in combination with its suite of cloud-based backup and recovery services to deliver a fully integrated and monitored data protection suite.

As it looked to expand its cloud offerings, HostedBizz wanted to ensure it has the best available security platform for its partners. After conducting an extensive review of multiple vendors’ solutions, the company selected Field Effect and Field Effect as the foundation for its security services solution.

“To guarantee our partners a sovereign and trusted solution for improving their clients’ security posture, and ensuring ongoing protection and monitoring, we thoroughly evaluated Field Effect and concluded it was the best solution to fit the needs of our partners and their customers, including feature sets, analytics, mitigation processes and cost-effectiveness,” said Jim Stechyson, co-founder at HostedBizz.

HostedBizz will offer the full range of Field Effect benefits, including:

  • 24/7 threat monitoring for endpoints, network, cloud, and domains
  • Automatic threat remediation through active response
  • Suspicious Email Analysis Service (SEAS)
  • Continuous human-backed technical and strategic solution support

“We are excited to partner with HostedBizz to take Field Effect to their MSPs across Canada.  We believe firmly in the need for a holistic managed security monitoring solution to fully protect customers and proactively adapt to the evolving cyber security threat landscape,” said Andrew Milne, chief revenue officer at Field Effect. “We look forward to partnering with HostedBizz to deliver higher value-add services to their customer base and help them continue to grow their business.”

About Field Effect

Field Effect believes businesses of all sizes deserve powerful cyber security solutions to protect them. The company’s threat detection, monitoring, training, and compliance products and services are the result of years of research and development by the brightest talents in the cyber security industry. Field Effect makes it easy for small and medium enterprises, and the service providers that support them, to deliver comprehensive, sophisticated cyber security to ensure their businesses and critical assets are safe and protected. For more information, visit

About HostedBizz

Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, HostedBizz is Canada’s fastest growing, premier cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company providing an integrated suite of IT infrastructure services including cloud servers, backup, disaster recovery, file sharing, remote desktop services, and private network access through a network of IT Channel partners and resellers.  Learn more by exploring our solutions, or visiting our partners page on our website.

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