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HostedBizz believes sending effective e-mails on a regular basis will help increase your lead generation, sales efforts, drive traffic to your website and build loyalty with your client base.

Why we believe E-mail campaigns are so important:

E-mail is FREE. With no production, materials or postage expenses, you can easily and affordably communicate more information, more often.

E-mail is FAST.Time-sensitive information including updates pertaining to existing services (updates, maintenance windows, releases etc) can be received within minutes, not days or weeks.

E-mail is TARGETED. You can easily segment your lists into groups so your promotions go to the individuals who are most likely to respond to that particular message.

E-mail is PROACTIVE. Instead of passively waiting for constituents to visit your Web site, e-mail enables you to aggressively communicate with and educate your existing clients and subscribers.

E-mail expands your REACH. Grow your database by sending information to your subscribers and clients and encouraging them to forward the information to their colleagues, friends and upper management.

We encourage our partners to use e-mail campaigns as a marketing tool and we have supplied a number of templates in an effort to save you from having to generate content and focus on selling!



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If your company has an industry that you would like to target directly and require assistance creating content please let us know by submitting a request through our ticketing system.

What Our Customers are Saying

Our server environment changes almost daily as we power down, power up and scale compute resources to meet rigorous release criteria and timelines. Optimizing this aspect of our business operations was part of what drove us to evaluate Cloud. The second part is strategic. Once the business is running on the Cloud, ZIM will leverage Cloud to make software tools available to customers as a PaaS. This is the end game.

— Celso Bressan – Manager of R&D - ZIM

The solution from HostedBizz gives us more control over our server infrastructure than we expected. We can flex our computing resources up and down based on the demand that we see from our customers

— Josh Garellek – CEO Arctic Empire

4Té were using a tape backup which was a very cumbersome methodology for all of our critical data. HostedBizz were able to replace this whole process with an automated worry-free backup process into their secure Canadian cloud infrastructure

— Tammy Green - Systems Manager 4Té Inc

Bold Radius is a custom software development, training and consulting firm. Bold Radius needed bullet proof elastic computing. We needed the ability to spin up and tear down servers and to dynamically change server resources on the fly. Hostedbizz delivers this to us and our clients and we can control all of our services through their simple to use portal.

— Mike Kelland - President & CEO, Bold Radius

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