4 Reasons to Rely on DRaaS in 2019

A backup and disaster recovery solution is critical to running your business

In today’s world of exponential data growth, a reliable disaster recovery and backup solution is critical to running your business. Legacy solutions (like offsite tape repositories) don’t provide the immediate access required in this high-availability era. More and more, HostedBizz customers are asking for fast access to backups and always-on data availability via a disaster recovery (DRaaS) as a service solution.

HostedBizz DRaaS Solution

DRaaS Growth Reaches 27% CAGR

The DRaaS market is growing strongly at a compound annual growth of 27% between 2018 – 2022. That’s because businesses want a reliable backup and recovery solution without the major upfront capital costs. DRaaS requires neither investment in equipment nor budgeting for future upgrades. It does, however, improve recovery time performance by a staggering 58%!

As an added benefit, DRaaS offers a solution for companies of all sizes—especially those with limited IT personnel and capital resources. In addition to lowering costs, it reduces IT workload, improves security and compliance, and leverages the skills of an experienced service provider.

Top 4 Reasons to Move to DRaaS

We’ve put together the top 4 reasons companies of all sizes should move to DRaaS and cloud backup.

Immediate Recovery

When disaster strikes, each second servers are unavailable translates into huge losses for your organization. When disaster strikes with a DRaaS solution in place, data can be restored within minutes, returning you business to normal operations.


When setting up a DRaaS solution, businesses customize their required recovery scopes depending on the type of the disaster. These can include server failure, human error, natural disaster, loss of power or building access, and more.Cloud based DRaaS Solutions


A DRaaS solution ensures data is securely backed up in the cloud. Each solution can be customized to meet each business’s security, regulatory and compliance requirements – ensuring data is protected offsite in case of disaster.


DRaaS allows businesses to take advantage of the cloud’s elasticity. Businesses can pay for what they need, when they need it. Gone are the days of over-provisioning resources.

HostedBizz DRP: All-Canadian DRaaS

HostedBizz DRP offers an All-Canadian DRaaS solution. Features include:

  • Retrieve or restore files instantly from the cloud
  • Achieve bare metal recovery (complete data & server restoration) in minutes
  • Optimize storage and minimize operational expenses with deduplication and compression
  • Securely store and protect data in a Canada Tier 3 Data Centre
  • Eliminate hardware and infrastructure maintenance
  • Support Windows and Linux operating systems

Learn more about the HostedBizz disaster recovery solution set.

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