Data Privacy Day 2020

Staying safe in today’s online world

How safe is your personal data?

Did you know? January 28th is Data Privacy Day.  It might seem silly at first, but hundred of thousands of Canadians are currently talking about it right now!  The office shredder is no longer the best way to keep your information safe.  As technology advances, it has a profound impact on your privacy rights and the protection of your personal information.

Here are some simple tips to keep your private data safe:

Reread that Email – 90% of data breaches are caused by phishing through Malicious email links.  Not only are you putting yourself at risk when not reviewing email content carefully, you can be putting your entire company’s network on the line.

Be Vigilant – we’re constantly being asked for our private information.  From signing up for a new fitness app on our mobile phones, to entering lucrative draws at your local grocery store. Stop to think about a) what the organization is doing with your information? b) are they asking for too much information? c) are they a reputable organization that you trust?

Check the Privacy Policy – if an organization is asking you for personal data, they will be able to provide a solid privacy policy for you to read.  Ask them about it.  If they can’t answer your questions – don’t give them your data.

Advocate for Yourself – If you’re concerned about how your personal information is being handled, make it known.  Most organizations care about how their clients feel about privacy.   This helps them keep their privacy policies in check, and they will be able to address your concerns.  It’s better for the general public to just speak up.

Don’t be Shy to Opt Out – You can get your name removed from any mailing list in Canada.  There are places online you can subscribe to, that allow you to be left off of telemarketing lists such as the National Do Not Call List

Keep your SIN Safe – your SIN number is the number one way Identity Thieves can pretend to be you.  If not safe guarded, you can find yourself in the middle of a fraud disaster. Always double check why and how your SIN is being used, if requested.

Practice device safety – all phones, tablets, computers and other mobile devices must be password protected.  Never leave your device unattended in public places and make sure to use anti-spam and malware detection tools to protect you from phishing and ransomware.  Discard these devices with care once they’ve reached their stale date.  It’s surprising what data can be removed from a device that has been carelessly thrown away.

Check Privacy Settings – web enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablets offer web enabled access to cameras and microphones and have adjustable privacy settings.  Familiarize yourself with what they can do for you in terms of protecting your privacy and data.

Know your Rights – Questions?  Take a look at the privacy laws in Canada if you’re interested in learning more.  The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has a lot of helpful resources!

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