Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

MSPs face challenges and opportunities as security threats ramp up and technical expertise will be in high demand

It’s officially 2020, and MSPs like you are busy dealing with the challenges that your SMB clients face when protecting critical data from ever-advancing security threats.  These 2020 cybersecurity predictions provide insight into what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

Microsoft Office 365 Hacks are on the Rise

Over 180 million people use O365 and over 92% of malware attacks are delivered via email.   It is estimated that a whopping 306 billion emails will be sent in 2020.  Many of these emails will unknowingly have a malicious link embedded in them.

The Ransomware Crisis is Real

Ransomware remains a real threat among industry across the board.  MSPs report that 80% of their client based has either experienced an external attack or has been targeted internally by their own employees.  In 2020 there is a shift in how hackers operate. These hackers are savvy, determined, and are partnering together to expand their hacker ecosystem as data becomes more and more valuable.

Big or Small: You’re Still a Target

Fortune 500 companies see over 92% of it’s members targeted by hackers.  The Star Online conducted a study of top US companies, and the findings were alarming.  Coincidentally,  60% of them reported that hackers were successful in penetrating their networks.  In 2020 that number is expected to rise.

MSPs with Cybersecurity Expertise will Thrive in 2020

As internal IT costs rise and security threats become more complex, SMBs increasingly look to outsource their cybersecurity needs.  This means that MSPs who offer services such as anti-spam, backup and disaster recovery will be a top choice for them.  If you’re not already offering hosted cybersecurity solutions, it’s time to start.

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