HostedBizz Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

In light of ongoing developments resulting from COVID-19
(coronavirus), HostedBizz is implementing a number of precautions for
the safety of our clients, our employees, and our communities

How is HostedBizz impacted by the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak?
HostedBizz is monitoring the situation closely and moving quickly to take actions, as necessary,
to minimize potential risk this may have for HostedBizz employees and business. As a cloud
provider, we have well-established processes to manage our cloud environment remotely, from
the HostedBizz offices or from any other remote location. These processes have been in place
for several years and are well proven.

How is HostedBizz protecting its workforce from exposure to COVID-19?
For employees in affected areas, we have enacted targeted travel controls and are following
self-quarantine guidelines in line with recommendations posted by the Federal Government of
Canada. All employees have the ability to work remotely as appropriate, and we will continue
to support our customers’ needs by using our suite of remote collaboration tools. We have
implemented self regulation processes for our staff. Anybody who feels unwell, or comes into
contact with sick people must self isolate themselves away from other HostedBizz staff.

How does the Coronavirus outbreak in China impact the HostedBizz supply chain?
HostedBizz have recently procured and installed a number of additional key assets within
our cloud infrastructure. These assets have materially increased the capacity of our cloud.
Based upon current demand, we are confident that we will see no impact in our ability to
provide sufficient cloud capacity to our existing and new customers over the next 6 months.
HostedBizz will continually monitor our key suppliers for issues that may impact our operations.

How is HostedBizz ensuring ongoing Technical Support through this period?
Our Product Support organization includes a 24-hour support answering service. All staff
associated with this service, work remotely, and the service can be performed from any
geography. For support of our customers’ cloud infrastructure, appropriate remote access
capabilities are in place in order for this type of support to be delivered.

How will HostedBizz treat members of staff through this COVID-19 issue?
In view of the Provincial Government’s announcement this week regarding public school
closures following the March Break, we will allow staff to work from home as required to
accommodate the changes to their family schedules. Staff working from home will be required
to be available during normal business hours to perform work in order to ensure that there is
service continuity to our customers.

HostedBizz management will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and our actions will
be guided by instructions from the local public health authority. As always and, throughout this
process, we remain committed to the health of our employees while providing the best level of
service to our customers.

Updates from the World Health Organization on COVID-19 can be found here:

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