Busting the Myth:  Security in the Public Cloud

If your business hasn’t realized the benefits of cloud, you’re more than likely in the planning stages of using it.  From scalability, reliability and simplicity, there are many ways cloud can contribute to a seamless cost-effective infrastructure.   Many types of cloud service delivery models exist today, and over time they have each carved out a solid reputation for themselves.  You’ve likely heard at some point in time that public cloud isn’t as secure as some of its counterparts.  Yet, the truth is quite the opposite.  Let’s take a quick look at what makes public cloud a secure choice and how to choose one that works well for your organization.


Public Cloud – a Quick Review

Public cloud simply means that a third party is offering cloud computing services over the internet, to anyone who wants to use or purchase them.   Pricing models vary widely, but what’s important to remember is that it offers a way for organizations to add to their infrastructure without the added cost of having to plan, purchase and constantly maintain it.  With full service public cloud providers such as HostedBizz, services are managed for you.

Here are four benefits of deploying a public cloud:

  • Geographical redundancy – Because public cloud providers own and operate many interconnected servers and data centers, a server failure won’t affect customers


  • Capital expenditures are converted into much less, manageable operational expenditures: It’s pay as you go, versus building an entire datacenter, no matter how virtualized it may be.


  • Better utilization rates: With private cloud, your organization still must build and maintain all kinds of servers to meet spikes in demand across various divisions or functions. Public cloud offers the same spare demand on a pay-as-you-need-it basis.


  • Public clouds get enterprises out of the “datacenter business”: spend more time running your core business and less time worrying about your cloud infrastructure.


Public Cloud – the Secure Choice

Public cloud providers understand the importance of providing high quality security to their users, who may be smaller and have less access to security expertise.    Since they rely on being available 100% of the time, these providers invest in the most recent hardware and security software.   It’s not just about hardware and software – public cloud providers are focused on hiring the most highly skilled security experts in the field.   Gartner predicts that, by 2020, 95% of cloud security incidents will be the customer’s fault.  Public Cloud providers deploy better security mechanisms and are more attentive to potential risk throughout their entire stack.

Choosing a cloud provider that offers hosted security solutions makes this choice even more secure. 

  • Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery – restore servers within seconds and easily retrieve data through a simple online portal, without the worry of downtime
  • Remote Desktop – allow users to work seamlessly and securely from any location using enterprise grade cloud server technology
  • File Sync & Sharing – offer your workforce a secure, collaborative platform that enables custom permission and document control
  • Professional Services– implement expert-driven cloud IT optimization by working with a team that really knows cloud.


Choosing the Right Provider

Public cloud is secure, but remember that not all providers are the same.  In order to meet your organization’s specific cloud requirements, choose a provider who has a track record of success and offers a full suite of solutions and professional services to assist you in your cloud journey.

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