With Covalence managed detection and response from HostedBizz and Field Effect Software, your organization benefits from a comprehensive managed cyber security solution. You no longer need a whole suite of security solutions, as Covalence provides end-to-end protection, regardless of your end point sprawl, or how your network is set up.

Covalence is the only holistic cybersecurity solution that is supported by humans. After detecting threats, a team of experts reviews any anomalies and acts accordingly.

covalence demo


Once you are booked into a demo with one of our cybersecurity specialists, what can you expect?

Full tour of the Covalence dashboard

A closer look at ARO’s – a unique alerting system, monitored by a team of experts in real-time

Comprehensive endpoint monitoring

In depth look at Covalence features such as: geo-blocking, real-time threat detection, and more

The human support on the backend reviewing your anomalies and threats.


24/7 cloud, network, endpoint and domain monitoring

Suspicious Email Analysis Service (SEAS)

Actionable alerts that deliver prioritized, easy to understand threat alerting

Flexible reporting including custom self-generated reports

API’s and SDK’s allow for integration with existing security solutions

Cyber concierge program provides rapid technical support

Operations portal offers single pane management of alerts and security statuses

DNS firewall – ensure safe browsing and internet access with malicious website blocking

Security observer offers insight into how your network data is analyzed by Covalence

Automatic appliance updates ensure that Covalence is always ready to defend against the latest threats

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is compatible with applications such as Microsoft InTune and VMware AirWatch