Why Your Company Needs a Solid Backup Solution

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Many customers talk about cloud backup solutions and how cheap they need to be. Cost objectives can often mask the initial criteria as to what the backup solution is for and what disaster recovery scenarios that customers are trying to protect themselves against. While cost is a huge factor to consider, it’s not the only one.

What are your requirements for Cloud Backup Solution?

  • User-friendly, anywhere access?
  • Secure and private storage of your critical data?
  • Additional archival storage capacity?
  • Automated backups?
  • Full disaster recovery capabilities?

Determining the criteria that you need to accomplish with an offsite backup solution must be the primary goal when choosing a cloud backup vendor/application. After establishing the overall objectives for your off-site backup requirements, then and only then, is it time to look at choosing the right partner/application for your cloud backup requirements.

Price vs. Value

There are a growing number of low-cost, cloud backup providers entering the market. The reason that this trend continues is due to the relative ease of setting up a cheap backup solution. It is not difficult to buy inexpensive storage hardware, leverage open source applications, and rack up equipment in a closet to run a cloud backup solution. The real question, however, when looking for a cloud backup solution is not “what does it cost?” but what VALUE does it provide to your company? Will it meet all of your requirements for retention, user access, privacy, security, reliability, redundancy, etc.? With free backup services, you get what you pay for. In choosing your backup vendor, it is imperative that you consider the following:

  • Solution Certifications – Do they have military grade digital and physical security? 256-bit AES and 448 Blowfish encryption with multiple tiers of security;  Iris scanning, private secured facility, caged and locked cabinets along with host-level firewall protection as well as account level firewall protection using best of breed security hardware.
  • High-Speed Network – Check to ensure that the facility has at least 1Gbps bandwidth and has connectivity to multiple ISPs.
  • Privacy is Critical – Once your data is stored, make sure that only you have access to it. This can be provisioned by having a unique encryption code per user during set-up, required for all access…don’t lose it!
  • Flexible Storage – As your data requirements grow, make sure that your vendor can materially increase their data store.
  • 100% Canadian – This is a significant requirement for Canadian business. Companies want their client data to remain in sovereign Canada. Make sure that your network access never traverses outside of Canada.
  • Easy to use – With backup solutions you need to ensure that the end users can retrieve lost or accidentally deleted files.  Make sure that the answer is simple enough to remove this retrieval requirement from the IT department.

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Cory Mac Donell

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