The End-of-Life Server Challenge

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There is always a considerable burden of critical activities that fall on the shoulders of IT staff.  Whether these activities are installing new hardware, applications, or essential systems maintenance, there is never enough time to complete everything that needs to be done.

This results in almost all organizations having critical applications run on end-of-life (EoL) servers or end-of-life operating systems (OS). We have seen, time and again, critical applications such as accounting, email or CRM solutions running on an old OS that are running on old hardware.

Typically, this combination of old hardware and old, non-supported operating systems forces IT staff to delay the decision to start time and resource demanding upgrades. Often they end up doing nothing. Your business now has plenty of options in the cloud.

Given the age of the applications and the age of the OS, these services are likely running smoothly. If nothing in the environment changes, the fact that the OS and applications are no longer supported by their vendors is inconvenient, but not the highest risk to business continuity. It is the EoL physical servers that represent the most significant risks. Supposing there was a hard drive failure, or worst still, a server failure: what would you need to do to get critical applications back up and running? This would be a tremendous amount of work, which would result in trying to rebuild old replacement servers and re-loading applications onto an old, non-supported OS.

By leveraging the capabilities of cloud, your company could very merely transition the OS and the applications onto fully-redundant cloud infrastructure. This would deliver redundant servers, redundant hard drives, full backups, and all of the other mission-critical benefits of being in a data center.

Cloud servers and backup allow companies to avoid the headaches of managing their own IT hardware requirements. Not only does this save time and money, but it can scale alongside the business.

At HostedBizz, we have made these transitions hundreds of times on behalf of our clients.   We can create a snapshot of your full EoL infrastructure into our redundant, managed cloud. The result is no end-of-life hardware to ever worry about again, just fault tolerant, elastic computing, hosted professionally on your behalf. Learn more by checking out our list of hosted products, here.


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