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Not long after the uptick of the Internet, cloud computing was born. That was a little over 30 years ago. Yet, cloud computing has only just become accessible to small enterprise. The pay-as-you go model allows businesses with smaller budgets more flexibility, eliminating hardware infrastructure budgets and taking advantage of reliable online storage and data backup services.

Now, many small enterprise owners are asking themselves: what type of cloud hosting works best for the business?

The simple answer? There is no one solution.

There are countless combinations of cloud solutions available to address specific business needs. To provide clarity on the solutions available in the cloud hosting industry, we’ve put together the following list so small business owners can make critical cloud hosting decisions.

Small enterprise cloud hosting questions


Software as a Service (Saas) is probably the best-known type of cloud service. These are the online tools that help businesses operate efficiently and systematically.

SaaS applications are used for email (Gmail), office productivity (Office 365), accounting and invoicing (Freshbooks), project management (Asana), in-office communication (Slack), and sales tracking (Dynamics). SaaS uses the pay-for-seat model – providing access to applications without the expense of buying and managing the tools onsite and independently.


Product as a Service (PaaS) allows users to build internet applications and services online and communally. These tools allow users to develop products online, from simple apps to sophisticated enterprise applications. It’s frequently used by software and web developers.

PaaS reduces coding time, gives developers greater flexibility, and allows for adaptability. It’s easy to make changes, and for them to be visible to all contributors. It also can provide a sense of community; many development teams end up working in different locations.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers configured hardware and software through a virtual interface. IaaS provides access to servers, storage, networking and security features.

This is the economical cloud solution for small enterprises; it eliminates infrastructure expenses such as on-site hardware or tape backups. Common IaaS business applications include testing and development, website hosting, and data backup and recovery.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) uses cloud services to backup and protect data.

In the unfortunate situation that infrastructure fails, DRaaS ensures data is not lost. It also promises that a business can get back up and running as quickly as possible. This is another economical approach to data and infrastructure backup. The data is stored offsite, in the cloud, and is stored redundantly on multiple servers.

Choosing the Cloud the Works Best for your Small Enterprise

Choosing a cloud solution can be simple. You may need:

  • SaaS: communications and productivity
  • PaaS: application development
  • IaaS: cloud hosting infrastructure
  • DRaaS: Disaster Recovery and data backup

Once you know what your small enterprise needs, you can plan for the cloud hosting options.

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