Protecting MSPs and their clients from Hackers with Covalence

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At HostedBizz, we see firsthand what happens when MSPs and their clients are victims of cyber-attacks. Revenue loss, reputation damage, and legal ramifications are just a few on the long list of reasons why every MSP needs to rethink their current data protection practices - for themselves and their clients. Threat actors and hackers see MSPs as a gateway or threat vector to stealing your clients’ sensitive data. Fortunately, HostedBizz provides its partners with best-in-class Managed Detection and Response (MDR),tailored to MSPs, that helps protect their MSP and their customers, regardless of size. Find out how Covalence works.

Rethinking Managed Detection and Response

Covalence and HostedBizz offer the most powerful threat detection, response, and data protection platform in the industry. Using a managed detection and response platform that actively hunts for threats and vulnerabilities across every endpoint, network and popular cloud services, significantly improves an organizations cyber security hygiene and posture. When combined with best in class data backup and disaster recovery from HostedBizz, it streamlines data protection for you and your clients, giving your IT team more time to focus on their long list of overdue tasks. Using MDR to secure your MSP business from cyber threats enables you to provide comprehensive data protection to your growing client base.

Covalence - the Most sophisticated Cyber monitoring on the Planet, Made Simple.

Human-backed alerting - each threat alert is assessed by a Field Effect cyber security analyst in real-time, removing alert fatigue and clutter by filtering false positives and only alerting you r support desk or team with real threats and vulnerabilities.

MSP tailored support - HostedBizz’s understands the challenges that MSPs face when managing multiple solutions, and simplifies the integration of Covalence into your clients existing data protection strategy.

Competitive pricing - Covalence MDR not only provides an opportunity to better protect client data, it also enables your MSP to grow cyber security protection offerings

Exclusive promotions - as a HostedBizz partner, you have access to special price promotions, competitive displacement programs as well as NFR licensing for deploying MDR to protect your own business.

Offer Clients the Comprehensive Data Protection Strategy they Deserve

Offer clients an enhanced data protection service and experience, through a combination of well planned, seamlessly integrated, and fully managed solutions. HostedBizz provides MSPs with a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions, sales, and marketing support to help you increase your revenue stream.

• Cloud Backups
• Archive Storage
• Disaster Recovery as a Service
• Office 365 Backup Remote Workforce Security

Partner with HostedBizz 

As a partner, you’ll have access to a full range of solutions that work seamlessly together to create a fully comprehensive data protection suite for your clients. All backed by our 100% Canadian Data Centers.  HostedBizz provides partners with custom marketing and sales support, as well as with simplified billing structure. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way.  Get in touch to find out how you can profit from being a HostedBizz partner.


HostedBizz are really easy to work with.  It means a great deal to us knowing that their expertise is just a call or email away.

Mike Sladden Davidson Violette

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