Cloud Infrastructure: 3 Small Enterprises Designed to Scale

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When we established HostedBizz, we chose to develop the best cloud infrastructure service experience in the industry.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with small enterprise and large enterprise alike. Our custom built, scalable solutions ensure that business of any size can fulfil cloud requirements.

We’ve worked with hundreds of small enterprises to build cloud infrastructure solutions that completely meet our clients’ needs. By reducing the cost of hardware ownership and removing the burden of technology management, HostedBizz simplifies the cloud so you can focus on realizing your small enterprise’s potential.

We’ve put together 3 brief case studies to show just how HostedBizz works with small enterprise.
Read on to learn more!

Small Enterprise 1: A Design Firm

4té Inc is a Canadian firm dedicated to planning and designing corporate spaces. With a growing client roster across North America, over 5,000 projects completed, and an expanding team, 4té wanted a fail-safe cloud hosting and disaster recovery solution.

Prior to partnering with HostedBizz, 4Té relied on a hardware-based IT infrastructure.  File and folder backups were stored on tape. If system failure occurred, a new hardware stack – and total system replication would be required. This process would have taken at least 36 hours, leaving the enterprise – and its clients – without critical services.

4té chose to move to the cloud to ensure speed of recovery and ease of access. First, the small enterprise created a cloud-based disaster recovery plan. Then, HostedBizz implemented a bare-metal backup solution that would fully replicate server infrastructure and restore precise images to the cloud.

In under two hours, HostedBizz completed the initial set-up of the new cloud infrastructure and backup solution. HostedBizz monitors and updates the solution on behalf of 4té, leaving the team to do what they do best: plan and design interior spaces.

Small Enterprise 2: Regional School Board

The Limestone District School Board works with students, educators, staff, families, volunteers and the community in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

The school board collects and hosts large amounts of information pertaining to schools in the area, including grades, transcripts and attendance records. If the board loses access to data, the whole education system comes to a standstill.

To avoid data loss, the school board sought support to ensure student information would always be available – even after a system failure. To eliminate the risk of data loss in the student information system, the school board carefully selected a team of IT providers. Together, Zycom, HostedBizz and Veeam were chosen to help the Limestone District School Board protect the information that drives educational instruction.

Together, the technology partners worked with the school board to develop a cloud infrastructure strategy focused on disaster recovery and business continuity.  The strategy ensures educators can manage data, maximize student success and communicate with families in the event of a data centre disaster.

Since the Limestone District School Board operates as a small enterprise, reducing IT costs was also a core focus of the strategy. The new disaster recovery solution saves $70,000 each year, and reduces IT costs by approximately 70 percent every year. The cost savings all the school board to improve technology within schools across the district.

Small Enterprise 3: Real Estate Brokerage

Royal LePage Performance Realty supports real estate agents in the Ottawa, Canada area. The brokerage requires an IT solution that would support a head office, and a disparate group of real estate agents – who rely on IT to create and submit important contracts.

HostedBizz worked hand-in-hand with the brokerage to develop a full disaster recovery plan, and implement disaster recovery capabilities. With a focus on speed, performance and security, HostedBizz created a custom, scalable, managed enterprise cloud infrastructure solution that supports IT systems and moves all data to the cloud.

For the brokerage, it was also particularly important to ensure data remained in Canada. The HostedBizz Tier 3 data centres are based entirely in Canada – ensuring that all compliance requirements were satisfied.

Cloud Infrastructure for Small Enterprise

HostedBizz offers expertise in designing, implementing and optimizing cloud infrastructure solutions for enterprise of any size. Our customized services address requirements for reliability, security, performance, scalability and flexibility – freeing your enterprise from the burden of IT.

Plan Your Journey to the Cloud from Start to Finish

At HostedBizz, we design best-in-class cloud infrastructure solutions. We help migrate your small enterprise onto the cloud while you focus on your business.

Curious about our customized services and how we might work with your small enterprise? Get in touch! We’ll help you understand the ROI from your cloud infrastructure investment.

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